ChromoTek Chromobodies®: Novel species of intracellular functional antibodies

Chromobodies® are a novel species of intracellular functional antibodies. Chromobodies® are made by fusing the antigen binding domain (VHH) derived from heavy chain antibodies of camelids to fluorescent proteins. These fluorescent antigen-binding proteins (i.e. the Chromobodies®) can be used to detect and trace proteins and other cellular components in vivo.

Chromobodies® can, in principle, detect any antigenic structure, including posttranslational modifications, and thereby dramatically expand the quality and quantity of information that can be gathered in high-content analysis (HCA). Depending on the epitope chosen, chromobodies can also be used to modulate protein function in living cells.

On, Chromobodies® are provided as Chromobody® plasmids which can be used to transfect individual cell lines.

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资源: Anal Bioanal Chem. 2010 August; 397(8): 3203–3208.