Over 45,000 antibodies available from Abnova!

Abnova was founded in 2002 in Taipei, Taiwan and is currently the world's largest supplier of antibodies.

The human genomic project has identified most human expressed genes and the full-length cDNAs of these genes are available to the public. Abnova aims to produce at least one antibody for every human expressed gene in the human genome. The company develops their products using new genomic and proteomic tools and applications.

Abnova products are manufactured in house in their state-of-art production and SPF animal facilities in Jhongli, Taiwan. Their large scale production is supported by optimal infrastructure which allows maximum productivity. Abnova also offers multiple clones for the monoclonal antibody, and their access is available to partners and collaborators in academia and industry. offers over 45,000 primary antibodies from Abnova. Currently about two-thirds of these antibodies are polyclonal and the rest are monoclonal antibodies generated in mouse, rat, rabbit or hamster. Both unconjugated and conjugated (i.e. HRP, AP, biotin, fluorochromes) primary antibodies are available and may be suited for various applications. Please check the product details on the platform to find the suitable antibody for your needs.

Abnova is consistently commited to providing high quality products for academic research institutions as well as industry.