Over 500 primary antibodies from Antibodies Incorporated

Antibodies Incorporated provides important products for the immunology market. This company maintains a 40-acre facility comprised of laboratories, manufacturing and animal care units. The animal care units can accomodate large animals (e.g. goats, llamas), rabbits, rodents (i.e. rats, guinea pigs, hamsters) and mice. The employees of Antibodies Incorporated are experienced in animal care, antiserum production, immunochemistry and related services. The company aims to provide products and services which aid academic and industry scientists to undergo time-efficient and cost-effective research.

The primary antibodies available from this company are NeuroMabs. NeuroMabs are novel monoclonal antibodies generated by the UC Davis NeuroMab facility which is a NIH-funded national monoclonal antibody-generating resource. All NeuroMabs are validated for biochemical and immunohistochemical applications in the mammalian brain.

Antibodies Incorporated maintains a high quality policy and are certified by the following certifications:
  • ISO 13485 Accreditation (Reg. # FM 61237)cGMP, GLP
  • NIH-assurance (OLAW A4064-01)
  • USDA registration (93-R-0158) (93-B-0222)
  • FDA registered Device Manufacturer (2914537)