anti-Platelet Factor 4 Variant 1 (PF4V1) 抗体

Inhibitor of angiogenesis. 再加上,我们可以发Platelet Factor 4 Variant 1 试剂盒 (13)Platelet Factor 4 Variant 1 蛋白 (11)和数多这个蛋白质的别的产品。

列出全部抗体 基因 基因ID UniProt
PF4V1 5197 P10720
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非结合性 WB WB Suggested Anti-PF4V1 Antibody Titration:  0.2-1 ug/ml  ELISA Titer:  1:1562500  Positive Control:  PANC1 cell lysate 100 μL 2至3个工作日
非结合性 WB 100 μL 11至14个工作日
非结合性 ICC, IF, IHC (p), WB ICC/IF Image Immunofluorescence analysis of methanol-fixed HeLa, using PF4V1, antibody at 1:200 dilution. IHC-P Image Immunohistochemical analysis of paraffin-embedded human colon carcinoma, using PF4V1, antibody at 1:250 dilution. 100 μL 3至4个工作日
非结合性 ICC, IHC, WB 100 μL 13至16个工作日
非结合性 WB Western blot analysis in NCI-H460 cell line lysates (35ug/lane). 400 μL 2至3个工作日
非结合性 WB PF4V1 antibody used at 1 ug/ml to detect target protein. 50 μg 9至11个工作日
非结合性 WB   100 μL 11至14个工作日
非结合性 ICC, IHC, IHC (p), WB   100 μL 11至14个工作日
非结合性 ELISA, WB   200 μL 11至16个工作日
非结合性 IF/ICC, IHC (fp), WB   100 μL 6至8个工作日

引用最多的anti-Platelet Factor 4 Variant 1 抗体

  1. Human Polyclonal PF4V1 Primary Antibody for WB - ABIN2777124 : Struyf, Burdick, Proost, Van Damme, Strieter: Platelets release CXCL4L1, a nonallelic variant of the chemokine platelet factor-4/CXCL4 and potent inhibitor of angiogenesis. in Circulation research 2004 (PubMed)

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Human Platelet Factor 4 Variant 1 (PF4V1) interaction partners

  1. CXCL4L1 promoter variants may protect against the development of renal inflammation in diabetes by increasing CXCL4L1 expression, which in turn activates the anti-inflammatory SMAD7 and IkappaBalpha factors in mesangial cells.

  2. CXCL4 and CXCL4L1 shift the angiogenic/angiostatic balance in favor of angiostasis. CXCL4L1 in particular was found to be a more potent angiostatic, anti-tumoral and anti-metastatic chemokine, which was verified in different in vivo models.

  3. fibstatin and CXCL4L1 have cooperative roles in inhibition of tumor invasion in lymph nodes

  4. CXCL4 and CXCL4L1 activated p38 MAPK, as well as Src kinase within 30 and 5 min, respectively. Extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK) phosphorylation occurred in activated lymphocytes.

  5. Structural insight into the novel functional properties of human CXCL4L1.

  6. PF-4var/CXCL4L1 predicts outcome in stable coronary artery disease patients with preserved left ventricular function

  7. Current knowledge on the role of CXCL4/PF-4 and CXCL4L1/PF-4var in physiological and pathological processes.

  8. CXCL4L1 may act angiostatically causing random endothelial cell locomotion, disturbing directed migration towards angiogenic chemokines, serving as a homeostatic chemokine with moderate structural distinction yet different functional profile from CXCL4.

  9. both CXCR3A and CXCR3B are implicated in the chemotactic and vascular effects of CXCL4L1.

  10. The study determines the binding parameters of CXCL4 and CXCL4L1 for heparin, heparan sulfate, and chondroitin sulfate B.

Platelet Factor 4 Variant 1 (PF4V1) 抗原简介


Inhibitor of angiogenesis. Inhibitor of endothelial cell chemotaxis (in vitro).

Gene names and symbols associated with PF4V1

  • platelet factor 4 variant 1 (PF4V1) 抗体
  • CXCL4L1 抗体
  • CXCL4V1 抗体
  • PF4-ALT 抗体
  • PF4A 抗体
  • PF4V1 抗体
  • SCYB4V1 抗体

Protein level used designations for PF4V1

C-X-C motif chemokine 4 , PF4alt , PF4var1 , platelet factor 4 variant , platelet factor 4, variant 1 (PF4-like) , platelet factor 4 variant 1

5197 Homo sapiens
703895 Macaca mulatta
740621 Pan troglodytes
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