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anti-Toll-Like Receptor Adaptor Molecule 1 抗体 (TICAM1)
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AW046014, AW547018, IIAE6, MyD88-3, PRVTIRB, TICAM-1, trif
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TICAM1 148022 Q8IUC6
TICAM1 106759 Q80UF7
TICAM1 363328  



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  1. Human Polyclonal TICAM1 Primary Antibody for ICC, IF - ABIN266066 : Hoebe, Du, Georgel, Janssen, Tabeta, Kim, Goode, Lin, Mann, Mudd, Crozat, Sovath, Han, Beutler: Identification of Lps2 as a key transducer of MyD88-independent TIR signalling. in Nature 2003 (PubMed)
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  2. Human Polyclonal TICAM1 Primary Antibody for WB - ABIN1881885 : Bin, Xu, Shu: TIRP, a novel Toll/interleukin-1 receptor (TIR) domain-containing adapter protein involved in TIR signaling. in The Journal of biological chemistry 2003 (PubMed)
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  3. Human Polyclonal TICAM1 Primary Antibody for DB, EIA - ABIN493536 : Fitzgerald, Golenbock: Immunology. The shape of things to come. in Science (New York, N.Y.) 2007 (PubMed)
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  4. Human Polyclonal TICAM1 Primary Antibody for ELISA, ICC - ABIN4362350 : Shi, Kehrl: MyD88 and Trif target Beclin 1 to trigger autophagy in macrophages. in The Journal of biological chemistry 2008 (PubMed)


Human Toll-Like Receptor Adaptor Molecule 1 (TICAM1) interaction partners

  1. Therefore, Seneca Valley virus suppressed antiviral interferon (显示 IFNA 抗体) production to escape host antiviral innate immune responses by cleaving host adaptor molecules MAVS (显示 MAVS 抗体), TRIF (显示 TRIM69 抗体), and TANK by its 3C protease.

  2. TRIF (显示 TRIM69 抗体) gene may contribute to susceptibility of T2DM.

  3. The NF-kappaB (显示 NFKB1 抗体) activated by dsRNA appears not to be the canonical p65 (显示 GORASP1 抗体)/p50 (显示 CD40 抗体) heterodimers.

  4. We confirmed associations with papillary thyroid cancer and SNPs in FOXE1 (显示 FOXE1 抗体)/HEMGN, SERPINA5 (显示 SERPINA5 抗体) (rs2069974), FTO (显示 FTO 抗体) (rs8047395), EVPL (显示 EVPL 抗体) (rs2071194), TICAM1 (rs8120) and SCARB1 (显示 SCARB1 抗体) (rs11057820) genes. We found associations with SNPs in FOXE1 (显示 FOXE1 抗体), SERPINA5 (显示 SERPINA5 抗体), FTO (显示 FTO 抗体), TICAM1 and HSPA6 (显示 HSPA6 抗体) and and follicular thyroid cancer

  5. IL-12p70 production requires uptake of Streptococcus pneumoniae as well as the presence of the adaptor molecule TRIF (显示 TRIM69 抗体).

  6. TIRF high-content imaging system simultaneously showed the expression pattern of EGFRs and EC50 value for CPT (显示 CHPT1 抗体)-induced apoptosis and necrosis in MCF-7, SK-BR-3 and JIMT-1 cancer cell line

  7. involved in signaling that moderates the expression of heme oxygenase1 and il-8 (显示 IL8 抗体) after keratinocytes exposure to dinitrochlorobenzene

  8. Using bone marrow derived macrophages from knockout mice we demonstrate that hBD3 (显示 DEFB103A 抗体) suppresses the polyI:C-induced TLR3 (显示 TLR3 抗体) response mediated by TICAM1 (TRIF), while exacerbating the cytoplasmic response through MDA5 (IFIH1 (显示 IFIH1 抗体)) and MAVS (IPS1/CARDIF (显示 MAVS 抗体)).

  9. signaling through TRIF (显示 TRIM69 抗体) is important for the inflammatory response of AngII-induced abdominal aortic aneurysm formation

  10. Data show that toll-like receptor 3 (显示 TLR3 抗体)/TRIF (显示 TRIM69 抗体) protein signalling regulates cytokines IL-32 (显示 IL32 抗体) and IFN-beta (显示 IFNB1 抗体) secretion by activation of receptor-interacting protein-1 (RIP-1 (显示 RIPK1 抗体)) and tumour necrosis factor (显示 TNF 抗体) receptor-associated factor 6 (TRAF6 (显示 TRAF6 抗体)) in cornea epithelial cells.

Mouse (Murine) Toll-Like Receptor Adaptor Molecule 1 (TICAM1) interaction partners

  1. work reveals that simulated microgravity promotes the apoptotic response through a combined modulation of the Uev1A/TICAM/TRAF (显示 TRAF1 抗体)/NF-kappaB (显示 NFKB1 抗体)-regulated apoptosis and the p53 (显示 TP53 抗体)/PCNA (显示 PCNA 抗体)- and ATM (显示 ATM 抗体)/ATR (显示 ATR 抗体)-Chk1 (显示 CHEK1 抗体)/2-controlled DNA-damage response pathways.

  2. Results show that Monophosphoryl lipid A-induced neutrophil and monocyte recruitment, expansion of bone marrow progenitors and augmentation of neutrophil adhesion molecule (显示 NCAM1 抗体) expression are regulated by both the MyD88 (显示 MYD88 抗体)- and TRIF (显示 RNF138 抗体)-dependent pathways.

  3. TRIF (显示 RNF138 抗体) and STING interacted directly, through their carboxy-terminal domains, to promote STING dimerization, intermembrane translocation, and signaling.

  4. Upon stimulation with poly(I:C), malaria parasite-infected red blood cells (iRBCs), or vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV), FOSL1 (显示 FOSL1 抗体) "translocated" from the nucleus to the cytoplasm, where it inhibited the interactions between TNF receptor-associated factor 3 (TRAF3 (显示 TRAF3 抗体)), TIR domain-containing adapter inducing IFN-beta (显示 IFNB1 抗体) (TRIF (显示 RNF138 抗体)), and Tank-binding kinase 1 (TBK1 (显示 TBK1 抗体)) via impairing K63-linked polyubiquitination of TRAF3 (显示 TRAF3 抗体) and TRIF (显示 RNF138 抗体).

  5. These results suggested the importance of TRIF (显示 RNF138 抗体) in TLR2 (显示 TLR2 抗体) mediated foam cell formation via inflammatory mediators, including MCP-1 (显示 CPT1B 抗体).

  6. DENV replication and IFNalpha/beta, TNF-alpha (显示 TNF 抗体), IL-12 (显示 IL12A 抗体) and IL-18 (显示 IL18 抗体) in infected cultures at 24h were found. All of these parameters were significantly decreased after TRIF (显示 RNF138 抗体), MYD88 (显示 MYD88 抗体) or NF-kB inhibition

  7. The authors demonstrate that, in addition to MyD88 (显示 MYD88 抗体), Yersinia pseudotuberculosis inhibits TRIF (显示 RNF138 抗体) signaling through the type III secretion system effector YopJ.

  8. Results show that toll (显示 TLR4 抗体)/IL-1 (显示 IL1A 抗体) domain-containing adaptor inducing IFN-beta (显示 IFNB1 抗体) (TRIF (显示 RNF138 抗体)) is essential for Toll (显示 TLR4 抗体)-like receptors TLR3 (显示 TLR3 抗体)- and TLR4 (显示 TLR4 抗体)-mediated innate immune responses in peritoneal mesothelial cells (PMCs).

  9. Data show that annexin A2 (AnxA2 (显示 ANXA2 抗体)) directly exerted negative regulation of inflammatory responses through Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4 (显示 TLR4 抗体))-initiated TRAM protein (显示 TRAM2 抗体)-TRIF (显示 RNF138 抗体) protein pathway occurring on endosomes.

  10. ProTalpha preconditioning-induced prevention of retinal ischemic damage is mediated by selective activation of the TIR-domain-containing adapter-inducing interferon-beta (显示 IFNB1 抗体) interferon regulatory factor 3 (显示 IRF3 抗体) pathway downstream of toll-like receptor 4 (显示 TLR4 抗体) in microglia

Cow (Bovine) Toll-Like Receptor Adaptor Molecule 1 (TICAM1) interaction partners

  1. Inhibition of the Toll (显示 TLR4 抗体)/interleukin-1 receptor (TIR) domain-containing adapter-inducing interferon-beta (显示 IFNB1 抗体) signaling reduced permeability changes and apoptosis in endothelial cells exposed to lipopolysaccharide.

Zebrafish Toll-Like Receptor Adaptor Molecule 1 (TICAM1) interaction partners

  1. 3D-models of rohu TLR3 (显示 TLR3 抗体)-TIR and zebrafish TRIF

  2. The role of zebrafish (Danio rerio) TICAM1 in activating NF-kappaB (显示 NFKB1 抗体) and zebrafish type I IFN was described.

  3. study focuses on the functional characterization of zebrafish TRIF; results show that the full length cDNA of zebrafish TRIF encodes a protein of 556 amino acids; TRIF is able to induce the IFN promoter as well as activate NF-kappaB (显示 NFKB1 抗体) response promoter

TICAM1 抗原简介

Antigen Summary

This gene encodes an adaptor protein containing a Toll/interleukin-1 receptor (TIR) homology domain, which is an intracellular signaling domain that mediates protein-protein interactions between the Toll-like receptors (TLRs) and signal-transduction components. This protein is involved in native immunity against invading pathogens. It specifically interacts with toll-like receptor 3, but not with other TLRs, and this association mediates dsRNA induction of interferon-beta through activation of nuclear factor kappa-B, during an antiviral immune response.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with TICAM1

  • toll-like receptor adaptor molecule 1 (TICAM1) 抗体
  • toll-like receptor adaptor molecule 1 (LOC100231928) 抗体
  • toll-like receptor adaptor molecule 1 (Ticam1) 抗体
  • toll-like receptor adaptor molecule 1 (ticam1) 抗体
  • AW046014 抗体
  • AW547018 抗体
  • IIAE6 抗体
  • MyD88-3 抗体
  • PRVTIRB 抗体
  • TICAM-1 抗体
  • trif 抗体

Protein level used designations for TICAM1

TIR domain-containing adapter molecule 1 , TIR domain containing adaptor inducing interferon-beta , toll-interleukin I receptor domain containing adaptor molecule 1 , toll-like receptor adaptor molecule 1 , TIR domain-containing adapter molecule 1-like , TIR domain-containing adapter protein inducing IFN-beta , proline-rich, vinculin and TIR domain-containing protein B , putative NF-kappa-B-activating protein 502H , toll-interleukin-1 receptor domain-containing adapter protein inducing interferon beta , TIR domain-containing adaptor inducing interferon-beta , toll-interleukin 1 receptor domain-containing adapter protein inducing interferon-beta , TICAM-1 , TIR-domain containing adaptor inducing IFN-beta , TRIF/TICAM1

468677 Pan troglodytes
574294 Macaca mulatta
611852 Canis lupus familiaris
100062414 Equus caballus
100231928 Taeniopygia guttata
100405343 Callithrix jacchus
100588929 Nomascus leucogenys
148022 Homo sapiens
106759 Mus musculus
510427 Bos taurus
363328 Rattus norvegicus
403147 Danio rerio
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