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Haptoglobin 蛋白 (HP)
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BP, HP, HP-1, HP2ALPHA2, HPA1S, HPR, wu:fb64e01, Zonulin

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  1. Human Haptoglobin Protein expressed in Human - ABIN491578 : Zapotoczna, Heilbronner, Speziale, Foster: Iron-regulated surface determinant (Isd) proteins of Staphylococcus lugdunensis. in Journal of bacteriology 2012 (PubMed)
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Human Haptoglobin (HP) interaction partners

  1. Pilot study shows an association of the haptoglobin 2-2 genotype with low-grade inflammation, haptoglobin concentration and carotid artery intima-media thickness in multi-ethnic population from Singapore.

  2. We conducted a replication study using a dataset outside of the Challenge, and found the association between TP53INP2 (显示 TP53INP2 蛋白) and ER-negative breast cancer was significant (p = 5.07x10-3). Expression of HP (16q22.2) showed a suggestive association with ER-negative breast cancer in the discovery phase (Z = 4.30, p = 1.70x10-5) although the association was not significant after Bonferroni adjustment.

  3. Studies suggest an association of serum haptoglobin N-glycan variation with gastric cancer and might be a promising marker for the cancer screening.

  4. These results were consistent with the data of the clinical specimens. miR (显示 MLXIP 蛋白)-122a could be a positive factor of zonulin by targeting EGFR (显示 EGFR 蛋白), which increased the intestinal epithelial permeability in vivo and in vitro.

  5. Hp2 allele is associated with premature ischemic cardiovascular deaths after first-ever ischemic stroke.

  6. Vitamin E may provide benefit in reducing cardiovascular disease in haptoglobin Hp2-2 genotype individuals with diabetes.

  7. Celiac disease (CD) is associated with elevation of the circulating zonulin level, the value of which correlates with the density of enteroviruses in CD patients with severe atrophic changes in the small bowel mucosa, particularly in cases of concomitant type 1 diabetes.

  8. Results show that zonulin was significantly higher in obese children when compared to healthy children, indicating a potential role of zonulin in the etiopathogenesis of obesity and related disturbances.

  9. Our findings suggest that increased serum zonulin concentration, i.e., increased intestinal permeability, contributes to metabolic endotoxemia, systemic inflammation, and insulin (显示 INS 蛋白) resistance in overweight pregnant women

  10. The present study demonstrated that the mRNA and protein expression levels of haptoglobin were increased in patients with psoriasis.

Cow (Bovine) Haptoglobin (HP) interaction partners

  1. These data demonstrate that serum neutrophil haptoglobin-MMP 9 (显示 MMP9 蛋白) complexes appear sooner and decline more rapidly than other acute phase proteins.

  2. An increase in serum amyloid A or haptoglobin in dairy cows with abomasal displacementis not specific for inflammation or bacterial infection; increased levels of either may indicate the presence of hepatic lipidosis.

  3. Haptoglobin concentration may be a useful indicator for cows with postpartum reproductive disorders.

  4. Presence in the milk of the acute phase proteins (APP (显示 APP 蛋白)), haptoglobin (Hp) and serum amyloid A to see the relationships in cow composite and bulk tank milk samples.

  5. Bovine granulocytes, isolated from peripheral blood of healthy cattle, contain abundant amounts of haptoglobin within the granules.

  6. This study suggests that neutrophils and epithelial cells may play an essential role in elevating milk haptoglobin (Hp) in addition to previous suggestions that Hp may be derived from mammary tissues and circulation.

Mouse (Murine) Haptoglobin (HP) interaction partners

  1. Data show that zonulin-dependent small intestinal barrier impairment is an early step leading to the break of tolerance with subsequent development of chronic inflammatory diseases (CIDs).

  2. the interaction between haptoglobin genotype and vitamin E affects atherosclerotic plaque progression and stability

  3. Exogenous haptoglobin attenuated the HbA (显示 HBA-A1 蛋白)-induced HO-1 (显示 HMOX1 蛋白) expression in vitro and in mouse model of sickle cell disease.

  4. Suggest haptoglobin is an enhancer of inflammation after cardiac transplantation, contributing to graft rejection.

  5. Zonulin facilitates development of acute lung injury (ALI) both by enhancing albumin (显示 ALB 蛋白) leak and complement activation as well as increased buildup of neutrophils and cytokines during development of ALI.

  6. Haptoglobin deficiency is associated with leakage-prone vessels via isolated VEGFA (显示 VEGFA 蛋白) induction and/or suppressed Ang-1 (显示 ANGPT1 蛋白) expression, resulting in unbalanced VEGFalpha/Ang-1 (显示 ANGPT1 蛋白) transcription.

  7. the Hp2-2 protein is involved in aneurysm formation and that the Hp genotype may be a useful biomarker in predicting aneurysm progression

  8. Experimental models of colitis showed that haptoglobin has a protective role in inflammatory colitis

  9. these studies provide direct evidence that the increased oxidative stress in Hp 2-2 atherosclerotic plaques is due to hemoglobin derived iron.

  10. Synthetic PPAR gamma (显示 PPARG 蛋白) ligands selectively activate PPAR gamma (显示 PPARG 蛋白) bound to the haptoglobin gene promoter to arrest haptoglobin gene transcription.

Pig (Porcine) Haptoglobin (HP) interaction partners

  1. crystal structure of the dimeric porcine haptoglobin-haemoglobin complex determined at 2.9 A resolution

  2. haptoglobin has a role in oxidative status in piglets undergoing weaning-induced stress

  3. This study suggested closer links between the release of haptoglobin, Pig-MAP and monocytes compared to the release of AGP, SAA (显示 SAA1 蛋白) and transthyretin (显示 TTR 蛋白).

  4. The haptoglobin was down-regulated with SNPs

Horse (Equine) Haptoglobin (HP) interaction partners

  1. Surfactant protein D (显示 SFTPD 蛋白) and haptoglobin serum concentrations could be a diagnostic aid for equine inflammatory airway disease.

蛋白简介Haptoglobin (HP)


This gene encodes a preproprotein, which is processed to yield both alpha and beta chains, which subsequently combine as a tetramer to produce haptoglobin. Haptoglobin functions to bind free plasma hemoglobin, which allows degradative enzymes to gain access to the hemoglobin, while at the same time preventing loss of iron through the kidneys and protecting the kidneys from damage by hemoglobin. Mutations in this gene and/or its regulatory regions cause ahaptoglobinemia or hypohaptoglobinemia. This gene has also been linked to diabetic nephropathy, the incidence of coronary artery disease in type 1 diabetes, Crohn's disease, inflammatory disease behavior, primary sclerosing cholangitis, susceptibility to idiopathic Parkinson's disease, and a reduced incidence of Plasmodium falciparum malaria. A similar duplicated gene is located next to this gene on chromosome 16. Multiple transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Haptoglobin (HP)

  • haptoglobin (HP)
  • haptoglobin (hp)
  • haptoglobin (Hp)
  • haptoglobin-like (LOC100067869)
  • BP 蛋白
  • HP 蛋白
  • HP-1 蛋白
  • HP2ALPHA2 蛋白
  • HPA1S 蛋白
  • HPR 蛋白
  • wu:fb64e01 蛋白
  • Zonulin 蛋白

Protein level used designations for Haptoglobin 蛋白 (HP)

haptoglobin , HpL , binding peptide , haptoglobin alpha(1S)-beta , haptoglobin alpha(2FS)-beta , haptoglobin, alpha polypeptide , haptoglobin, beta polypeptide , zonulin , liver regeneration-related protein LRRG173 , haptoglobin-related protein , haptoglobin alpha 1S

454233 Pan troglodytes
706640 Macaca mulatta
566096 Danio rerio
3240 Homo sapiens
24464 Rattus norvegicus
280692 Bos taurus
100144610 Felis catus
15439 Mus musculus
479668 Canis lupus familiaris
397061 Sus scrofa
100008816 Oryctolagus cuniculus
100721435 Cavia porcellus
101102413 Ovis aries
101841186 Mesocricetus auratus
100173782 Pongo abelii
100067869 Equus caballus
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