Cholinergic Receptor, Muscarinic 2 (CHRM2) ELISA试剂盒

The muscarinic cholinergic receptors belong to a larger family of G protein-coupled receptors. 再加上,我们可以发Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor M2 抗体 (178)Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor M2 蛋白 (6)和数多这个蛋白质的别的产品。

list all ELISA KIts 基因 基因ID UniProt
CHRM2 1129 P08172
CHRM2 243764 Q9ERZ4
CHRM2 81645 P10980
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豚鼠 0.1 ng/mL 0.5-10 ng/mL   96 Tests Log in to see 15至18个工作日
小鸡 0.375 ng/mL 0.625-40 ng/mL   96 Tests Log in to see 12至14个工作日
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Human Cholinergic Receptor, Muscarinic 2 (CHRM2) interaction partners

  1. Graded activation and free energy landscapes of a muscarinic G-protein-coupled M2 receptor has been reported.

  2. With final functional experiments on six selected compounds, we confirmed four of them as new negative allosteric modulators (NAMs) and one as positive allosteric modulator of agonist-mediated response at the M2 mAChR (显示 CHRM3 ELISA试剂盒)

  3. Results show reduced autonomic nervous system (ANS) activity in association with the CHRM2 rs8191992 polymorphism in patients with schizophrenia on high-dose antipsychotics. CHRM2 polymorphisms may play an important role in ANS activity in patients with schizophrenia.

  4. Data suggest that levels of CHRM2 are lower in Brodmann's area 24 from subjects with mood disorders, and it is possible that signalling by that receptor is also less in this cortical region; increasing levels of CHRM2 may be involved in the mechanisms of action of mood stabilisers and tricyclic antidepressants

  5. Report a significant association between CHRM2 (rs1824024) polymorphism and disease severity, lower lung function test values, frequent exacerbations, and poor response to anti-cholinergic drugs in COPD (显示 ARCN1 ELISA试剂盒) patients.

  6. Inactivation of M2 AChR/NF-kappaB (显示 NFKB1 ELISA试剂盒) signaling axis reverses epithelial-mesenchymal transition and suppresses migration and invasion in non-small cell lung cancer.

  7. CHRM2 gene expression was dysregulated in the anterior cingulate of bipolar patients.

  8. This study demonstrated that CD4 (显示 CD4 ELISA试剂盒)+ and CD8 (显示 CD8A ELISA试剂盒)+ T cells expressed M2 and M4 muscarinic receptors which density were significantly increased in asthmatic children in comparison with controls.

  9. The expressed the fusion proteins of the muscarinic acetylcholine receptor M2 subtype with a maltose-binding protein and various G protein alpha subunits in Escherichia coli.

  10. CHRM2 but not CHRM1 (显示 CHRM1 ELISA试剂盒) or CHRM3 (显示 CHRM3 ELISA试剂盒) polymorphisms are associated with asthma susceptibility in Mexican patients.

Mouse (Murine) Cholinergic Receptor, Muscarinic 2 (CHRM2) interaction partners

  1. The three receptor sets considered (mAChR (显示 CHRM3 ELISA试剂盒), AR and TrkB (显示 NTRK2 ELISA试剂盒) receptors) intervene in modulating the conditions of the competition between nerve endings.

  2. In the present study, the functional coupling of Gi/o protein-coupled receptors to GalR1 (显示 GALR1 ELISA试剂盒), and the CB1 (显示 CNR1 ELISA试剂盒) receptor subtype for endocannabinoids were analyzed in the 3xTg-AD mice model of Alzheimer's disease in the prodromal and advanced stages. In addition, the activity mediated by Gi/o protein-coupled M2/4 (显示 GSDMD ELISA试剂盒) muscarinic receptor (显示 CHRM5 ELISA试剂盒) subtypes was also analyzed in brain areas involved in anxiety and cognition.

  3. Muscarinic M2 receptors in the circular muscular layer of mouse ileum exert a previously undocumented function in gut (显示 GUSB ELISA试剂盒) motility via the regulation of gap junctions

  4. IL-17 (显示 IL17A ELISA试剂盒) production in the hearts of M2AChR mice is dependent on P2x7 (显示 P2RX7 ELISA试剂盒) expression in dilated cardiomyopathy.

  5. Expression of the M2 receptors mediating cholinergic contractile stimuli of the detrusor muscle was dysregulated in both Mras (显示 MRAS ELISA试剂盒)-/- males and females, although only males exhibited a urinary phenotype.

  6. These results demonstrate that M2R are dysfunctional and do not affect ACh levels in PRiMA knockout mice, likely because of down-regulation and/or loss of receptor-effector coupling.

  7. Data indicate taht m2R-RGS6 (显示 RGS6 ELISA试剂盒)-IKACh pathway sets heart rate variability independently from the autonomic input.

  8. M2-mediated contractions in the M3KO and WT strains were decreased by the Rho kinase (显示 ROCK2 ELISA试剂盒) (ROCK) inhibitor Y27632 as well as the ROCK, PKA and PKG (显示 PRKG1 ELISA试剂盒) inhibitor H89.

  9. M2 receptor is co-localized with VGLUT2 on intraganglionic laminar endings of esophagus.

  10. Presence of M2 mAChR (显示 CHRM3 ELISA试剂盒) is sufficient and necessary to mediate the carbachol-induced membrane hyperpolarization and inhibition of SpECTs in laterodorsal tegmental nucleus neurons.

Zebrafish Cholinergic Receptor, Muscarinic 2 (CHRM2) interaction partners

  1. cloning, characterization and expression patterns; results suggest that the M2 mAChR (显示 CHRM3 ELISA试剂盒) inhibits basal heart rate in zebrafish embryo and mediates carbachol-induced bradycardia

  2. The M(2) muscarinic receptor (显示 CHRM5 ELISA试剂盒) plays a specific role in the initiation of hypoxic bradycardia in fish.

Pig (Porcine) Cholinergic Receptor, Muscarinic 2 (CHRM2) interaction partners

  1. Data suggest that both M(2) and M(3) muscarinic receptors mediate the contraction in both pig clasp and sling fibers similar to human clasp and sling fibers.

Cow (Bovine) Cholinergic Receptor, Muscarinic 2 (CHRM2) interaction partners

  1. The original finding was the identification and purification of a vinpocetine and muscarinic antagonist-inhibited and CaM (显示 KRIT1 ELISA试剂盒)-activated plasma membrane-bound PDE1A (显示 PDE1A ELISA试剂盒), linked to M(2)AChR.

  2. airway M(2)Rs inhibit BK channels by a dual, Gbetagamma-mediated mechanism, a direct membrane-delimited interaction, and the activation of the phospholipase C (显示 PLC ELISA试剂盒)/protein kinase C (显示 PKC ELISA试剂盒) pathway

Rabbit Cholinergic Receptor, Muscarinic 2 (CHRM2) interaction partners

  1. Data suggest that autoantibodies to beta-1 adrenergic receptor (ADRB1 (显示 ADRB1 ELISA试剂盒)) and muscarinic receptor M2 (CHRM2), along with elevated thyroxine (T4) levels, contribute to atrial tachyarrhythmia in Graves disease (GD); here, a rabbit model of GD is studied.

Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor M2 (CHRM2) 抗原简介

Antigen Summary

The muscarinic cholinergic receptors belong to a larger family of G protein-coupled receptors. The functional diversity of these receptors is defined by the binding of acetylcholine to these receptors and includes cellular responses such as adenylate cyclase inhibition, phosphoinositide degeneration, and potassium channel mediation. Muscarinic receptors influence many effects of acetylcholine in the central and peripheral nervous system. The muscarinic cholinergic receptor 2 is involved in mediation of bradycardia and a decrease in cardiac contractility. Multiple alternatively spliced transcript variants have been described for this gene.

Gene names and symbols associated with CHRM2

  • cholinergic receptor muscarinic 2 (CHRM2) 抗体
  • cholinergic receptor, muscarinic 2, cardiac (Chrm2) 抗体
  • cholinergic receptor, muscarinic 2a (chrm2a) 抗体
  • cholinergic receptor, muscarinic 2 (Chrm2) 抗体
  • cholinergic receptor muscarinic 2 (Chrm2) 抗体
  • AChR-M2 抗体
  • Acm2 抗体
  • Chrm-2 抗体
  • chrm2 抗体
  • GPM2 抗体
  • HM2 抗体
  • M2 抗体

Protein level used designations for CHRM2

7TM receptor , acetylcholine receptor, muscarinic 2 , muscarinic M2 receptor , muscarinic acetylcholine receptor M2 , AChR M2 , muscarinic acetylcholine receptor 2 , cholinergic receptor, muscarinic 2 , cardiac muscarinic acetylcholine receptor , muscarinic acetylcholine receptor m2 , m2 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor , Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor M2 , cholinergic receptor muscarinic 2 , muscarinic acetylcholine receptor M2-like , M2 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor , cholinergic receptor, muscarinic 2, cardiac , muscarinic receptor m2 , muscarinic receptor 2

1129 Homo sapiens
243764 Mus musculus
352938 Danio rerio
397498 Sus scrofa
403858 Canis lupus familiaris
418126 Gallus gallus
463758 Pan troglodytes
522170 Bos taurus
100231098 Taeniopygia guttata
100342878 Oryctolagus cuniculus
100411083 Callithrix jacchus
100450243 Pongo abelii
100593190 Nomascus leucogenys
81645 Rattus norvegicus
100715343 Cavia porcellus
101102897 Ovis aries
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