Chitinase 3-Like 3 (CHI3L3) ELISA试剂盒

Lectin that binds saccharides with a free amino group, such as glucosamine or galactosamine. 再加上,我们可以发CHI3L3 蛋白 (4)CHI3L3 抗体 (3)和数多这个蛋白质的别的产品。

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CHI3L3 12655 O35744
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Mouse (Murine) Chitinase 3-Like 3 (CHI3L3) interaction partners

  1. Chi3l3 derived from macrophages, plays a key role in the infection of Angiostrongylus cantonensis, which in turn aggravates eosinophilic meningitis.

  2. highly expressed in the subventricular zone, a stem cell niche of the adult brain, and in inflammatory brain lesions during experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

  3. Ym1 and RELMalpha, exhibit time and dose-dependent interactions that determines the outcome of lung repair during nematode infection.

  4. The soluble antigen from A. cantonensis could promote the Chil3 expression in macrophage and microglial cell lines induced by interleukin-13.

  5. A significant increase of CHI3L3 mRNA expression was observed in the spinal cord of experimental autoimmune encephalitis mice compared to controls during the inflammatory phase.

  6. neutrophil-derived Ym1 protein uptake distinguishes wound macrophages in the absence of interleukin-4 signaling in murine wound healing

  7. These results indicate that catalytically inactive BRP-39 and Ym1 are constitutive genes in normal mouse lung.

  8. These data indicate that helminth-induced immunomodulation occurs independently of changes in the microbiota but is dependent on Ym1.

  9. These results showed that Ym1 was most highly expressed in the brains and cerebrospinal fluid of the Angiostrongylus cantonensis infected mice along with the process of inflammation.

  10. findings implicate heparanase in normal processing of heparan sulfate in macrophages, and indicate that heparanase regulates intracellular Ym1 accumulation and crystal formation in airways.

  11. was shown to be a neutrophil granule protein and to have weak beta-N-acetylglucosaminidase activity, indicating that it might contribute to the digestion of glycosaminoglycans.

  12. TH2 cytokines and allergic challenge induce expression in macrophages by a STAT6-dependent mechanism

  13. data show ECF-L is a previously unknown factor that is a potent mediator of osteoclast formation, which acts at the later stages of osteoclast formation and enhances the effects of RANKL

  14. crystal structure of Ym1 at 1.31 A resolution

  15. Constitutively expressed in bone marrow cells and gradually decreased in the presence of IL-3.

  16. These results indicate that ECF-L may play a critical role in allergic inflammation and bronchial asthma.

  17. Results suggest that modulation of Ym1 production by dendritic cells identifies a previously undescribed mechanism of Th2 polarization by statin.

  18. Quantitative RT-PCR demonstrated a 976-fold increase of Chi3l4 mRNA expression and a 24-fold increase of Chi3l3 mRNA expression in the skin of cpdm/cpdm mice.

  19. ECF-L enhances RANKL and 1,25-(OH)2D3-induced OCL formation by increasing adhesive interactions between OCL precursors through increased expression of ICAM-1 and LFA-1.

  20. Bronchoalveolar lavage fluid protein Ym1 is cleaved by matrix metalloproteinases 2 and 9 and is essential for regulating inflammatory pathways in experimental asthma.

CHI3L3 抗原简介

Antigen Summary

Lectin that binds saccharides with a free amino group, such as glucosamine or galactosamine. Binding to oligomeric saccharides is much stronger. Binds chitin and heparin. Has no chitinase activity. Has chemotactic activity for T-lymphocytes, bone marrow cells and eosinophils. May play a role in inflammation and allergy.

Gene names and symbols associated with CHI3L3

  • chitinase-like 3 (Chil3) 抗体
  • AI505981 抗体
  • Chil3 抗体
  • ECF-L 抗体
  • Ym1 抗体

Protein level used designations for CHI3L3

chitinase-3-like protein 3 , eosinophil chemotactic cytokine , eosinophil chemotactic factor-L , secreted protein Ym1

12655 Mus musculus
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