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RUNX1T1 ELISA 试剂盒 (Runt-Related Transcription Factor 1, Translocated To, 1 (Cyclin D-Related))

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  • MTG8
  • si:ch211-232j17.1
  • wu:fi14b07
  • zgc:154044
  • AML1T1
  • CBFA2T1
  • CDR
  • ETO
  • ZMYND2
  • Cbfa2t1h
  • Cbfa2t1
  • runt-related transcription factor 1; translocated to, 1 (cyclin D-related)
  • runx1t1
  • RUNX1T1
  • Runx1t1

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检测方法 Colorimetric
产品特性 Homo sapiens,Human,Protein CBFA2T1,Cyclin-D-related protein,Eight twenty one protein,Protein ETO,Protein MTG8,Zinc finger MYND domain-containing protein 2,RUNX1T1,AML1T1,CBFA2T1,CDR,ETO,
组件 Reagent (Quantity): Assay plate (1), Standard (2), Sample Diluent (1x20ml), Assay Diluent A (1x10ml), Assay Diluent B (1x10ml), Detection Reagent A (1x120µl), Detection Reagent B (1x120µl), Wash Buffer(25 x concentrate) (1x30ml), Substrate (1x10ml), Stop Solution (1x10ml)
别名 Protein CBFA2T1 (RUNX1T1 ELISA Kit 摘要)
背景 Synonyms: AML1T1,CBFA2T1,CDR,Cyclin-D-related protein,Eight twenty one protein,ETO,Homo sapiens,Human,MTG8,Protein CBFA2T1,Protein ETO,Protein MTG8,RUNX1T1,Zinc finger MYND domain-containing protein

Gene Name: RUNX1T1

样本量 100 μL
板类型 Pre-coated
限制 仅限研究用
储存条件 4 °C/-20 °C
储存方法 The Standard, Detection Reagent A, Detection Reagent B and the 96-well strip plate should be stored at -20 °C upon being received. The other reagents can be stored at 4 °C.