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BR, CD49B, DX5, gpi, GPIa, HPA-5, PGI, pgi-1, VLA-2, VLAA2, wu:fc02c05, zgc:86919
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ITGA2 16398 Q62469
ITGA2 170921  
ITGA2 3673 P17301



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  1. Human Monoclonal ITGA2 Primary Antibody for IF, WB - ABIN968317 : Emsley, King, Bergelson, Liddington: Crystal structure of the I domain from integrin alpha2beta1. in The Journal of biological chemistry 1997 (PubMed)
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  2. Human Monoclonal ITGA2 Primary Antibody for FACS - ABIN118701 : Favaloro, Moraitis, Bradstock, Koutts: Co-expression of haemopoietic antigens on vascular endothelial cells: a detailed phenotypic analysis. in British journal of haematology 1990 (PubMed)
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  3. Human Monoclonal ITGA2 Primary Antibody for FACS, IHC (fro) - ABIN319765 : Yoshino, Ami, Terao, Tashiro, Honda: Upgrading of flow cytometric analysis for absolute counts, cytokines and other antigenic molecules of cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) by using anti-human cross-reactive antibodies. in Experimental animals / Japanese Association for Laboratory Animal Science 2000 (PubMed)
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  4. Human Monoclonal ITGA2 Primary Antibody for FACS - ABIN118700 : Ciarlet, Crawford, Cheng, Blutt, Rice, Bergelson, Estes: VLA-2 (alpha2beta1) integrin promotes rotavirus entry into cells but is not necessary for rotavirus attachment. in Journal of virology 2002 (PubMed)
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  5. Human Monoclonal ITGA2 Primary Antibody for EIA, FACS - ABIN319775 : Fitter, Sincock, Jolliffe, Ashman: Transmembrane 4 superfamily protein CD151 (PETA-3) associates with beta 1 and alpha IIb beta 3 integrins in haemopoietic cell lines and modulates cell-cell adhesion. in The Biochemical journal 1999 (PubMed)
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  6. Human Monoclonal ITGA2 Primary Antibody for FACS - ABIN118698 : Mazurov, Vinogradov, Kabaeva, Antonova, Romanov, Vlasik, Antonov, Smirnov: A monoclonal antibody, VM64, reacts with a 130 kDa glycoprotein common to platelets and endothelial cells: heterogeneity in antibody binding to human aortic endothelial cells. in Thrombosis and haemostasis 1992 (PubMed)
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  7. Human Polyclonal ITGA2 Primary Antibody for EIA, WB - ABIN951336 : Jokinen, White, Salmela, Huhtala, Käpylä, Sipilä, Puranen, Nissinen, Kankaanpää, Marjomäki, Hyypiä, Johnson, Heino: Molecular mechanism of alpha2beta1 integrin interaction with human echovirus 1. in The EMBO journal 2010 (PubMed)
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  8. Human Monoclonal ITGA2 Primary Antibody for EIA, FACS - ABIN118720 : Sincock, Fitter, Parton, Berndt, Gamble, Ashman et al.: PETA-3/CD151, a member of the transmembrane 4 superfamily, is localised to the plasma membrane and endocytic system of endothelial cells, associates with multiple integrins and modulates cell ... in Journal of cell science 1999 (PubMed)
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  9. Mouse (Murine) Monoclonal ITGA2 Primary Antibody for FACS - ABIN4897023 : Siegemund, Schütze, Schulz, Wolk, Nasilowska, Straubinger, Sabat, Alber: Differential IL-23 requirement for IL-22 and IL-17A production during innate immunity against Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis. in International immunology 2009 (PubMed)

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Zebrafish Integrin alpha 2 (ITGA2) interaction partners

  1. The differential expression of gpia and gpib in zebrafish suggests partition or divergence of gpi functions between the two duplicates.

  2. Comparison of glucose phosphase isomerase (GPI) genes from several vertebrates suggests that GPIs are being subjected to purifying selection to maintain the polarity and volume of the protein, but not its charge.

Mouse (Murine) Integrin alpha 2 (ITGA2) interaction partners

  1. low expression of alpha2beta1 integrin increased protein kinase B (AKT (显示 AKT1 抗体)) activation and alpha-smooth muscle actin (显示 ACTG2 抗体) (alpha-SMA (显示 SMN1 抗体)) expression. This occurred due to the instability of phosphatase and tensin homolog (PTEN (显示 PTEN 抗体)) in myofibroblasts on fibrillar collagen.

  2. Ceacam1 (显示 CEACAM1 抗体) is essential for normal integrin aIIbb3-mediated platelet function; the disruption of mouse Ceacam1 (显示 CEACAM1 抗体) induced moderate integrin aIIbb3-mediated functional defects.

  3. HRG (显示 HRG 抗体) binds to alpha2 integrin through low-affinity interactions in a heparin sulfate-independent manner, thereby blocking endothelial cells adhesion to collagen I.

  4. LG3, through interactions with alpha2beta1 integrins on recipient-derived cells leading to activation of ERK1/2 (显示 MAPK1/3 抗体) and increased migration, favors myointimal thickening

  5. IFN-gamma (显示 IFNG 抗体) induces aberrant CD49b+ NK cell recruitment and pregnancy failure through regulating CX3CL1 (显示 CX3CL1 抗体).

  6. alphaIIbbeta3 regulates Syk (显示 SYK 抗体) through an ITAM-independent pathway in mice and provide novel insight into the course of events underlying Syk (显示 SYK 抗体) activation and hemITAM phosphorylation by CLEC-2 (显示 CLEC1B 抗体)

  7. the collagen receptors DDR1 (显示 DDR1 抗体) and integrin a2b1 contribute to regulate GBM-maturation and to control matrix accumulation.

  8. alpha2beta1 integrin contributes to the pathogenesis of retinopathy. We describe a newly identified role for alpha2beta1 integrin in mediating hypoxia-induced Muller cell VEGF-A (显示 VEGFA 抗体) production.

  9. required for the migration of memory CD4 (显示 CD4 抗体) T-cell precursors into their survival niches of the bone marrow

  10. alpha2beta1 integrin is expressed on synovial Th17 cells from CIA (显示 NCOA5 抗体) mice. Its neutralization reduced inflammation, cartilage degradation, bone erosion, RANKL (显示 TNFSF11 抗体) & IL-17 (显示 IL17A 抗体) levels, & the numbers of osteoclasts and TH17 cells.

Human Integrin alpha 2 (ITGA2) interaction partners

  1. Meta-analysis found that glycoprotein Ia (显示 MMRN1 抗体) C807T T allele or the TT genotype, the Ser (显示 SIGLEC1 抗体)-allele of HPA-3 and B allele of glycoprotein Ibalpha (显示 GP1BA 抗体) variable number tandem repeat polymorphisms were associated with increased risk for ischemic stroke.

  2. Data indicate no association of maternal or fetal ITGA2 C807T SNP, ITGB3 (显示 ITGB3 抗体) T1565C SNP, PECAM1 (显示 PECAM1 抗体) CTG - GTG (显示 GGT1 抗体) and SELP (显示 SEPP1 抗体) A/C polymorphisms with fetal growth restriction (FGR (显示 FGR 抗体)).

  3. The most common HPA (显示 HPSE 抗体) genotypes among Saudis were HPA-1 (显示 HPSE 抗体) a + b- (75%), HPA-2 (显示 HPSE2 抗体) a + b- (62%), HPA-3 a + b- (51.5%), HPA (显示 HPSE 抗体)-4 a + b- (99%), HPA-5 a + b- (76.5%), HPA (显示 HPSE 抗体)-6 a + b- (100%) and HPA (显示 HPSE 抗体)-15 a + b + (50%). The prevalent allele among the HPA (显示 HPSE 抗体) systems was (a), except in the HPA (显示 HPSE 抗体)-15 system where the (b) allele was found in 52% of the subjects.

  4. high miR (显示 MLXIP 抗体)-128 expression suppressed osteosarcoma cell migration, invasion, and EMT (显示 ITK 抗体) development through targeting ITGA2, which may be recommended as a therapeutic target for osteosarcoma.

  5. Study identified a novel RANKL (显示 TNFSF11 抗体) function in the promotion of cell adhesion to type I collagen through the RANKL (显示 TNFSF11 抗体)-NF-kappa B (显示 NFKB1 抗体)-integrin alpha 2 pathway and found integrin alpha2 and RANKL (显示 TNFSF11 抗体) up-regulated in non small cell lung carcinoma.

  6. High ITGA2 expression is associated with cervical cancer.

  7. PDI-mediated disulfide bond exchange plays a pivotal role in the post-ligation phase of alphaIIbbeta3-mediated adhesion to fibrinogen, while this step in alphavbeta3-mediated adhesion is independent of disulfide exchange

  8. Our results indicate that GpIa-807T and GpIIIa (显示 ITGB3 抗体)-PlA2 (显示 YWHAZ 抗体) may be susceptibility alleles for in vitro fertilization implantation failure.

  9. PFL-mediated downregulation of integrin and EGFR contributes to the inhibition of tumor growth in vitro and in vivo. This novel anti-cancer mechanism of PFL suggests that this lectin would be useful as an anti-cancer drug or an adjuvant for other drugs.

  10. HRG (显示 NRG1 抗体) binds to alpha2 integrin through low-affinity interactions in a heparin sulfate-independent manner, thereby blocking endothelial cells adhesion to collagen I.

Cow (Bovine) Integrin alpha 2 (ITGA2) interaction partners

  1. Flow induced alpha2beta1 activation in cells on collagen, but not on fibronectin or fibrinogen. Conversely, alpha5beta1 and alphavbeta3 are activated on fibronectin and fibrinogen, but not collagen.

  2. both the gpIb-VWF (显示 VWF 抗体) interaction and the integrin alpha(2)beta(1)-collagen interaction contribute to platelet adhesion under high shear stress; integrin alpha(II (显示 GSTA3 抗体))beta(1) makes a greater contribution to adhesion to type I collagen because less VWF (显示 VWF 抗体) is bound

Integrin alpha 2 (ITGA2) 抗原简介

Antigen Summary

This gene encodes the alpha subunit of a transmembrane receptor for collagens and related proteins. The encoded protein forms a heterodimer with a beta subunit and mediates the adhesion of platelets and other cell types to the extracellular matrix. Loss of the encoded protein is associated with bleeding disorder platelet-type 9. Antibodies against this protein are found in several immune disorders, including neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia. This gene is located adjacent to a related alpha subunit gene. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Integrin alpha 2 (ITGA2)

  • glucose phosphate isomerase a (gpia) 抗体
  • integrin alpha 2 (Itga2) 抗体
  • integrin, alpha 2 (Itga2) 抗体
  • integrin, alpha 2 (CD49B, alpha 2 subunit of VLA-2 receptor) (ITGA2) 抗体
  • BR 抗体
  • CD49B 抗体
  • DX5 抗体
  • gpi 抗体
  • GPIa 抗体
  • HPA-5 抗体
  • PGI 抗体
  • pgi-1 抗体
  • VLA-2 抗体
  • VLAA2 抗体
  • wu:fc02c05 抗体
  • zgc:86919 抗体

Protein level used designations for anti-Integrin alpha 2 (ITGA2) 抗体

pgi1 , CD49 antigen-like family member B , GPIa , VLA-2 receptor, alpha 2 subunit , VLA-2 subunit alpha , collagen receptor , integrin alpha-2 , platelet membrane glycoprotein Ia , VLA2 receptor, alpha-2 subunit , human platelet alloantigen system 5 , platelet antigen Br , platelet glycoprotein GPIa , very late activation protein 2 receptor, alpha-2 subunit , VLA-2 alpha chain

246094 Danio rerio
16398 Mus musculus
170921 Rattus norvegicus
3673 Homo sapiens
281872 Bos taurus
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