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NADPH Oxidase 1 ELISA试剂盒 (NOX1)
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GP91-2, MOX1, MOX2, MRC, NOH-1, NOH1, Nox-1, Nox1, NOX1a, NOX1alpha, OX-2

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  1. Rat (Rattus) NOX1 ELISA Kit for Sandwich ELISA - ABIN431571 : El-Naga: Pre-treatment with cardamonin protects against cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity in rats: impact on NOX-1, inflammation and apoptosis. in Toxicology and applied pharmacology 2013 (PubMed)
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  2. Human NOX1 ELISA Kit for Sandwich ELISA - ABIN417371 : Abdelmageed, El-Naga, El-Demerdash, Elmazar: Indole-3- carbinol enhances sorafenib cytotoxicity in hepatocellular carcinoma cells: A mechanistic study. in Scientific reports 2016 (PubMed)

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Human NADPH Oxidase 1 (NOX1) interaction partners

  1. Nox1-SHH (显示 SHH ELISA试剂盒)-Grem1 (显示 GREM1 ELISA试剂盒) signaling axis in pulmonary vascular endothelium that is likely to contribute to Pulmonary hypertension.

  2. Our data suggest a negative impact of CD200 (显示 CD200 ELISA试剂盒) expression in cytogenetically-normal acute myeloid leukemia (显示 BCL11A ELISA试剂盒)

  3. CD200 (显示 CD200 ELISA试剂盒) was expressed in 87% of the neuroendocrine neoplasms studied. CD200 (显示 CD200 ELISA试剂盒) is a relatively sensitive marker of neuroendocrine neoplasms and represents a potential therapeutic target in these difficult-to-treat malignancies.

  4. Up-regulation of CD200 (显示 CD200 ELISA试剂盒) in MDS (显示 PAFAH1B1 ELISA试剂盒) predicts poor prognosis.

  5. this study shows that that CD200 (显示 CD200 ELISA试剂盒) suppresses the immune system's response to vaccines, and that blocking CD200 (显示 CD200 ELISA试剂盒) could improve the efficacy of cancer immunotherapy

  6. 5-HT1B receptor-dependent cellular Src (显示 SRC ELISA试剂盒)-related kinase-Nox1-pathways contribute to vascular remodeling in pulmonary arterial hypertension.

  7. NOX1 has a role in maintaining the proliferative phenotype of some colon cancers and has potential as a therapeutic target in this disease

  8. NOX1 mRNA was undetectable in the gastric mucosa.

  9. P38 MAPK (显示 MAPK14 ELISA试剂盒), phosphorylated P38 MAPK (显示 MAPK14 ELISA试剂盒), and RAC2 (显示 RAC2 ELISA试剂盒) regulated in mutual feedback and negative feedback regulatory pathways, resulting in the radioresistance of G0 cells.

  10. These results suggest that CD200S activates TAMs to become DC-like antigen presenting cells, leading to the activation of CD8 (显示 CD8A ELISA试剂盒)(+) cytotoxic T lymphocytes, which induce apoptotic elimination of tumor cells.

Zebrafish NADPH Oxidase 1 (NOX1) interaction partners

  1. The nox1 expression in zebrafish during early nervous system development from 12 to 48 hours post fertilization.

  2. Over inhibition of the NADPH oxidase by the NADPH (显示 NQO1 ELISA试剂盒) Inhibitor DPI (显示 DSP ELISA试剂盒) may reduce the cell even the tissue in the progress of healing after the injury, in zebrafish liver cells.

Cow (Bovine) NADPH Oxidase 1 (NOX1) interaction partners

  1. NADPH oxidase plays an important role in proMMP-2 expression and activation and MMP-2 (显示 MMP2 ELISA试剂盒) mediated SMC (显示 DYM ELISA试剂盒) proliferation occurs through the involvement of Spm (显示 NPC1 ELISA试剂盒)-Cer (显示 CBLN1 ELISA试剂盒)-S1P (显示 MBTPS1 ELISA试剂盒) signaling axis under ANG II (显示 AGT ELISA试剂盒) stimulation of PASMCs

  2. Differential Roles of Protein Complexes NOX1-NOXO1 (显示 NOXO1 ELISA试剂盒) and NOX2 (显示 CYBB ELISA试剂盒)-p47phox (显示 NCF1 ELISA试剂盒) in Mediating Endothelial Redox Responses to Oscillatory and Unidirectional Laminar Shear Stress.

  3. The current study was designed to determine mechanisms underlying 20-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid -stimulated nitric oxide (NO) release, and particularly the role of NADPH oxidase, reactive oxygen species, and PI3-kinase (显示 PIK3CA ELISA试剂盒) in stimulated NO release.

  4. NEP (显示 MME ELISA试剂盒) expression is down-regulated in vascular endothelial cells by physiological laminar shear, possibly via a mechanotransduction mechanism involving NADPH oxidase-induced reactive oxygen species production.

Mouse (Murine) NADPH Oxidase 1 (NOX1) interaction partners

  1. C-kit (显示 KIT ELISA试剂盒)-positive hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells expressed significantly higher of Nox1 and catalase (显示 CAT ELISA试剂盒), but less of lactoperoxidase (显示 LPO ELISA试剂盒) than in matured mononuclear cells.

  2. Nox1 deletion reduces oxidant load and restores microvascular health in obese mice.

  3. Data suggests that ROS (显示 ROS1 ELISA试剂盒) produced during primitive endoderm differentiation is dependent in part on increased NOX1 and NOX4 (显示 NOX4 ELISA试剂盒) levels, which is under the control of GATA6 (显示 GATA6 ELISA试剂盒). Furthermore, these results suggest that the combined activity of multiple NOX proteins is necessary for the differentiation of F9 cells to primitive endoderm.

  4. Gp91phox (显示 CYBB ELISA试剂盒) NADPH oxidase modulates litter size by up-regulating mucin1 (显示 MUC1 ELISA试剂盒) expression in the uterus of mice.

  5. 5-HT1B receptor-dependent cellular Src (显示 SRC ELISA试剂盒)-related kinase-Nox1-pathways contribute to vascular remodeling in pulmonary arterial hypertension.

  6. NOX4 (显示 NOX4 ELISA试剂盒)- and NOX1-derived ROS (显示 ROS1 ELISA试剂盒) contribute to atherosclerosis in the aortic sinus of diabetic ApoE (显示 APOE ELISA试剂盒) knockout mice.

  7. Data show that pan-NOX-inhibitor APX (显示 SHROOM1 ELISA试剂盒)-115 treatment decreased NADPH oxidase (Nox) Nox1, Nox2 (显示 CYBB ELISA试剂盒), and Nox4 (显示 NOX4 ELISA试剂盒) protein expression in the kidney.

  8. NOX1 is selectively important in GPCR (显示 GPBAR1 ELISA试剂盒)-dependent intracellular ROS (显示 ROS1 ELISA试剂盒) generation but dispensable for GPVI (显示 GP6 ELISA试剂盒)-ITAM-dependent ROS (显示 ROS1 ELISA试剂盒) generation in blood platelets..

  9. Plasmid driven elevation of NOX-1 resulted in elevated ROSreactive oxygen species, loss of glucose-stimulated-insulin (显示 INS ELISA试剂盒)-secretion and increased apoptosis. These outcomes on beta cell function are analogous to cytokine treatment.

  10. Nox1-knockout (Nox1-KO) mice were not more sensitive to S. Tm colonization and infection than WT B6 mice.

NOX1 抗原简介

Antigen Summary

This gene encodes a member of the NADPH oxidase family of enzymes responsible for the catalytic one-electron transfer of oxygen to generate superoxide or hydrogen peroxide. Alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding multiple isoforms have been observed for this gene.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with NOX1

  • NADPH oxidase 1 (NOX1) Elisa Kit
  • CD200 molecule (CD200) Elisa Kit
  • NADP(H)-oxidase (MOX/NOH) Elisa Kit
  • NADPH oxidase 1 (nox1) Elisa Kit
  • NADPH oxidase 1 (Nox1) Elisa Kit
  • GP91-2 Elisa Kit
  • MOX1 Elisa Kit
  • MOX2 Elisa Kit
  • MRC Elisa Kit
  • NOH-1 Elisa Kit
  • NOH1 Elisa Kit
  • Nox-1 Elisa Kit
  • Nox1 Elisa Kit
  • NOX1a Elisa Kit
  • NOX1alpha Elisa Kit
  • OX-2 Elisa Kit

Protein level used designations for NADPH Oxidase 1 (NOX1) ELISA试剂盒

CD200 antigen , MRC OX-2 antigen , OX-2 membrane glycoprotein , antigen identified by monoclonal antibody MRC OX-2 , NADPH oxidase-1 , predicted NADPH oxidase-1 , NADH/NADPH mitogenic oxidase subunit P65-MOX , NADPH oxidase homolog-1 , mitogenic oxidase (pyridine nucleotide-dependent superoxide-generating) , mitogenic oxidase 1 , GP91 phox homolog , NADH/NADPH mitogenic oxidase subunit p65-mox , NADPH oxidase 1 alpha , MOX-1 , MOX1 , NOH-1 , NOX-1

100146916 Equus caballus
4345 Homo sapiens
100008852 Oryctolagus cuniculus
555604 Danio rerio
422257 Gallus gallus
27035 Homo sapiens
492016 Canis lupus familiaris
521681 Bos taurus
237038 Mus musculus
114243 Rattus norvegicus
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