LeukoCatch II Column

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Purification (Purif)
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原理 A device to Collect Leukocyte from Blood

LeukoCatch was developed to simplify and improve the efficiency of purifying live leukocytes from whole blood without the use of a centrifuge.
品牌 LeukoCatch
组件 5 syringe

Nevertheless, these leukocyte seperation procedures require laboratory-based professional and time-consuming procedures using instrumentation that is not routinely available at the bedside or in a common clinical facility. Moreover, their protocols are too complex to apply to an automated machine to treat hundreds of samples simultaneously.

实验流程 1.) Trapping
Draw blood into the LeukoCatch syringe 2-5 times to trap the leukocytes.

2.) Flushing
Use PBS to rinse and flush non-leukocytes from the LeukoCatch (2-5 times)

3.) Collection
Elute the leukocytes (only) by using an incubation medium
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