Biotinylation Kit

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原理 Biotinylation Kit - Reagents for the Biotinylation of 1 - 10 mg antibody/ other protein
特异性 Streptavidin
产品特性 This Biotinylation Kit contains the reagents for the labeling of antibodies and other proteins and the purification of the biotinylated product. The coupling reaction takes place at primary amino groups on the target molecule using a N-Hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) ester-activated biotin, which form stable amide bonds. Proteins generally have a sufficient number of amino groups for coupling, both N-terminal and lysine residues. In this kit, Sulfo-NHS-LC Biotin (sulfosuccinimidyl-6-[biotin-amido] hexanoate) is used, that contains a spacer group with 6 carbon atoms and a length of 22,4 Å to increase the distance between the target molecule and the biotin groups. In the kit are 5 portions of Sulfo-NHS-LC Biotin reagent. One portion is used for a antibody amount of 1-10 mg or a protein amount of 1-5 mg.
组件 Sulfo-NHS-LC Biotin, biotinylation buffer for the coupling reaction, clean-up column and purification buffer concentrate (10x) for size-exclusion chromatography. All components are included for 5 separate coupling reactions.
试剂未包括 Pipettes or pipetting equipment, vials for dilution, distilled or deionised water
应用备注 Biotin Labelling , e.g. for antibodies, proteins etc., Biotinylated molecules bind very well to Streptavidin or Streptavidin surfaces

Biotinylation with Sulfo-NHS-LC of antibody / protein, coupling reaction with target molecules through the reaction with primary amino groups

限制 仅限研究用
储存条件 4 °C,-20 °C
有效期 12 months