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Transfected Cell Culture (TCC)
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原理 For fast and convenient characterization of interactions between GFP- and RFP-tagged proteins in live mammalian cells by conventional fluorescence microscopy.
品牌 F2H®
产品特性 transfection supplement enabling assembly of the nuclear PPI-platform

Intracellular analysis of protein-protein interactions (PPIs) is crucial for understanding of intimate relationships of proteins within their native cellular environment. Besides, cell-based analysis is often required to support biochemical data obtained with in vitro PPI assays.
With the Fluorescent Two-Hybrid (F2H®) Kit, evaluation of selected PPIs can be rapidly carried out in live mammalian cells. Interactions are visualized by simple fluorescence microscopy as co-localization of green- and red fluorescent signals at a PPI-platform in the nucleus of F2H®-Cells, transiently co-transfected with interacting GFP- and RFP-tagged proteins.

限制 仅限研究用
浓度 1 mg/mL
储存条件 4 °C/-20 °C
储存方法 Store Platform Reagent at +4°C (short term) or in -20°C (long term).
有效期 6 months
 image for Platform Reagent (ABIN1889497) F2H® principle: - F2H cells (BHK origen) carry a GFP-anchoring platform in the nucleu...
 image for Platform Reagent (ABIN1889497) F2H® result: Exemplary F2H images obtained by fluorescence microscopy
Left, inte...
 image for Platform Reagent (ABIN1889497) An overview image of co-transfected F2H®-Cells at 20X magnification. Cells were PFA-f...
 image for Platform Reagent (ABIN1889497) F2H®-Cells were co-transfected with interacting proteins, fixed, stained with a nucle...
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