Glucose AGE-BSA-II

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Purification (Purif)
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产品特性 The Glucose AGE BSA II was produced by reacting BSA with glucose under sterile conditions followed by extensive dialysis and purification steps. Fluorescence of AGEs was confirmed by fluorescence spectrophotometry with Ex/Em = 370/440 nm. Glycated BSA shows > 50X increase in fluorescence in compared to control BSA.
纯度 > 98 %
过滤 0.22 μm filtered
内毒素水平 < 0.002 EU/mg
限制 仅限研究用
状态 Liquid
浓度 10 mg/mL
缓冲液 PBS
储存条件 -80 °C
 image for Glucose AGE-BSA-II (ABIN1685981) Glucose AGE-BSA-II