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anti-MAP kinase p38 抗体 (p38)
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p38 1432 Q16539



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  1. Human Polyclonal p38 Primary Antibody for IF (cc), IF (p) - ABIN671241 : Li, Dong, Song, Xu, Liu, Song: Nrf2/ARE pathway activation, HO-1 and NQO1 induction by polychlorinated biphenyl quinone is associated with reactive oxygen species and PI3K/AKT signaling. in Chemico-biological interactions 2014 (PubMed)
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  2. Human Monoclonal p38 Primary Antibody for AA, ELISA - ABIN361680 : Deng, Ren, Yang, Lin, Wu: A JNK-dependent pathway is required for TNFalpha-induced apoptosis. in Cell 2003 (PubMed)
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  3. Human Polyclonal p38 Primary Antibody for IF, IHC (p) - ABIN656420 : Pan, Li, Huang, Papadimos, Pan, Chen: Synergistic activation of NF-{kappa}B by bacterial chemoattractant and TNF{alpha} is mediated by p38 MAPK-dependent RelA acetylation. in The Journal of biological chemistry 2010 (PubMed)
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  4. Human Monoclonal p38 Primary Antibody for FACS, IF - ABIN968799 : Brunet, Pouysségur: Identification of MAP kinase domains by redirecting stress signals into growth factor responses. in Science (New York, N.Y.) 1996 (PubMed)
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  5. Human Monoclonal p38 Primary Antibody for ICS - ABIN1177120 : Han, Lee, Bibbs, Ulevitch: A MAP kinase targeted by endotoxin and hyperosmolarity in mammalian cells. in Science (New York, N.Y.) 1994 (PubMed)
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  6. Human Monoclonal p38 Primary Antibody for BI, ICS - ABIN968803 : Winston, Chan, Johnson, Riches: Activation of p38mapk, MKK3, and MKK4 by TNF-alpha in mouse bone marrow-derived macrophages. in Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950) 1997 (PubMed)
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  7. Human Polyclonal p38 Primary Antibody for FACS, WB - ABIN391332 : Cheung, Campbell, Nebreda, Cohen: Feedback control of the protein kinase TAK1 by SAPK2a/p38alpha. in The EMBO journal 2003 (PubMed)
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  8. Human Polyclonal p38 Primary Antibody for ELISA, WB - ABIN1532964 : Putterman: Compromise sought over germplasm access. in Nature 1994 (PubMed)
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  9. Human Polyclonal p38 Primary Antibody for IF (p), IHC (p) - ABIN678668 : Li, Yu, Liu, Zhu, Hua: Expression of miR-34c in response to overexpression of Boule and Stra8 in dairy goat male germ line stem cells (mGSCs). in Cell biochemistry and function 2013 (PubMed)
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  10. Human Polyclonal p38 Primary Antibody for ELISA, WB - ABIN1531504 : Lee, Laydon, McDonnell, Gallagher, Kumar, Green, McNulty, Blumenthal, Heys, Landvatter: A protein kinase involved in the regulation of inflammatory cytokine biosynthesis. in Nature 1995 (PubMed)


Human MAP kinase p38 (p38) interaction partners

  1. findings show that endothelial MAPKs ERK (显示 EPHB2 抗体), p38 (显示 CRK 抗体), and JNK (显示 MAPK8 抗体) mediate diapedesis-related and diapedesis-unrelated functions of ICAM-1 (显示 ICAM1 抗体) in cerebral and dermal microvascular endothelial cells

  2. Tetraarsenic hexoxide (As4O6) induced G2/M arrest, apoptosis and autophagic cell death through PI3K (显示 PIK3CA 抗体)/Akt (显示 AKT1 抗体) and p38 MAPK (显示 MAPK14 抗体) pathways alteration in SW620 colon cancer cells.

  3. The N-Terminal phosphorylation of RB by p38 (显示 CRK 抗体) bypasses its inactivation by cyclin (显示 PCNA 抗体)-dependent kinases and prevents proliferation in cancer cells.

  4. Inhibition of MAPK14 (显示 MAPK14 抗体) conclusively facilitates elucidation of the impact of the complex network of p38 MAPK (显示 MAPK14 抗体) signaling on atherogenesis.

  5. Collectively, this study provides more insights into RELT (显示 RELT 抗体) expression, RELT (显示 RELT 抗体) family member function, and the mechanism of RELT (显示 RELT 抗体)-induced death.

  6. Data, including data from studies conducted in cells from transgenic/knockout mice, suggest that p38alpha (显示 MAPK14 抗体) MAPK (显示 MAPK1 抗体) (MAPK14 (显示 MAPK14 抗体)) activity is required for hypoxia-induced pro-angiogenic activity involving cardiomyocytes and vascular endothelial cells; p38 MAPK (显示 MAPK14 抗体) activation in cardiomyocyte is sufficient to promote paracrine signaling-mediated, pro-angiogenic activity/myocardial revascularization.

  7. The findings indicate that p38alpha (显示 MAPK14 抗体) and GADD45alpha (显示 GADD45A 抗体) are involved in an enhanced vitamin D signaling on TRPV6 (显示 TRPV6 抗体) expression.

  8. These results suggest that the p38 (显示 CRK 抗体)/NPM (显示 NPM1 抗体)/PP2A (显示 PPP2R4 抗体) complex acts as a dynamic sensor, allowing endothelial cells to react rapidly to acute oxidative stress.

  9. Inhibition of the inflammatory signaling intermediate p38 MAPK (显示 MAPK14 抗体) reduced tissue factor (显示 F3 抗体) (TF) mRNA by one third but increased tumor necrosis factor (TNF (显示 TNF 抗体)) and interleukin-1 beta (IL-1beta (显示 IL1B 抗体)) mRNA.

  10. These results suggest that the activation of endogenous levels of SFK renders the endothelial barrier more susceptible to low, physiologic doses of TNF-alpha (显示 TNF 抗体) through activation of p38 (显示 CRK 抗体) which leads to a loss of endothelial tight junctions.

p38 抗原简介

Antigen Summary

The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the MAP kinase family. MAP kinases act as an integration point for multiple biochemical signals, and are involved in a wide variety of cellular processes such as proliferation, differentiation, transcription regulation and development. This kinase is activated by various environmental stresses and proinflammatory cytokines. The activation requires its phosphorylation by MAP kinase kinases (MKKs), or its autophosphorylation triggered by the interaction of MAP3K7IP1/TAB1 protein with this kinase. The substrates of this kinase include transcription regulator ATF2, MEF2C, and MAX, cell cycle regulator CDC25B, and tumor suppressor p53, which suggest the roles of this kinase in stress related transcription and cell cycle regulation, as well as in genotoxic stress response. Four alternatively spliced transcript variants of this gene encoding distinct isoforms have been reported.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with p38

  • mitogen-activated protein kinase 14 (MAPK14) 抗体
  • CSBP 抗体
  • CSBP1 抗体
  • CSBP2 抗体
  • CSPB1 抗体
  • EXIP 抗体
  • Mxi2 抗体
  • p38 抗体
  • p38ALPHA 抗体
  • PRKM14 抗体
  • PRKM15 抗体
  • RK 抗体
  • SAPK2A 抗体
1432 Homo sapiens
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