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Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Kinase Kinase 1 ELISA试剂盒 (MAP3K1)
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ARAKIN, ATMEKK1, MAP3K1, MAPK/ERK kinase kinase 1, MAPKKK1, MAPKKK8, MEKK, MEKK1, MEKK 1, SRXY6, T15F16.5, T15F16_5
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MAP3K1 116667 Q62925
MAP3K1 26401  
MAP3K1 4214 Q13233



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Pig (Porcine) Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Kinase Kinase 1 (MAP3K1) interaction partners

  1. let-7g induces porcine granulosa cells apoptosis by inhibiting the MAP3K1 gene, which promotes FoxO1 (显示 FOXO1 ELISA试剂盒) expression and dephosphorylation with nuclear accumulation.

Mouse (Murine) Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Kinase Kinase 1 (MAP3K1) interaction partners

  1. These results reveal the importance of the MEKK1 (显示 MAP2K1 ELISA试剂盒)-calponin-3 (显示 CNN3 ELISA试剂盒) signaling pathway to cell contractility.

  2. Map3k1 regulates iNKT cell proliferative expansion in response to glycolipid antigen

  3. goya and kinase-deficient Map3k1 homozygotes initially develop supernumerary cochlear outer hair cells (OHCs) that subsequently degenerate.

  4. These data highlight the crucial role of MAP3K1 in the development and function of the mouse inner ear and hearing.

  5. Dioxin exposure markedly inhibited c-Jun (显示 JUN ELISA试剂盒) phosphorylation in Map3k1-deficient embryonic eyelid epithelium, suggesting that dioxin-induced AHR (显示 AHR ELISA试剂盒) pathways can synergize with gene mutations to inhibit MAP3K1 signaling.

  6. Both the MEKK1 (显示 MAP2K1 ELISA试剂盒) PHD (显示 PDC ELISA试剂盒) and TAB1 (显示 TAB1 ELISA试剂盒) are critical for ES-cell differentiation

  7. Results suggest that proto-oncogene (显示 RAB1A ELISA试剂盒) protiins c-Jun (显示 JUN ELISA试剂盒) and mitogen-activated protein 3 (显示 HSPB3 ELISA试剂盒) kinase 1 (MAP3K1) represent parallel pathways in the control of eyelid closure.

  8. Aberrant expression of Map3k1 enabled growth factor-autonomous proliferation and drove BRAF (显示 BRAF ELISA试剂盒)-independent ERK (显示 EPHB2 ELISA试剂盒) signaling, thus shedding light on alternative means of activating this prominent signaling pathway in melanoma.

  9. analysis of the gene expression program of MAP3K1 in mouse eyelid morphogenesis

  10. Proximal to the RING domain is a SWIM (SWI2/SNF2 (显示 SMARCA4 ELISA试剂盒) and MuDR) domain. The MEKK1 (显示 MAP2K1 ELISA试剂盒) SWIM domain, but not the RING domain, directly associates with the c-Jun (显示 JUN ELISA试剂盒) DNA-binding domain, and the SWIM domain is required for MEKK1 (显示 MAP2K1 ELISA试剂盒)-dependent c-Jun (显示 JUN ELISA试剂盒) ubiquitylation.

Arabidopsis thaliana Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Kinase Kinase 1 (MAP3K1) interaction partners

  1. double mekk1/camta3 mutant positioned CAMTA3 downstream of MEKK1 and verified their distinct roles in GSR (显示 GSR ELISA试剂盒) regulation. mekk1-5 displays programmed cell death and overaccumulates reactive oxygen species and salicylic acid

  2. Treatment of Arabidopsis with a membrane rigidifier, DMSO, causes MPK4 (显示 MAPK4 ELISA试剂盒) activation concomitantly with MEKK1 and MKK2 (显示 MAP2K2 ELISA试剂盒) phosphorylation.

  3. Ca(2 (显示 CA2 ELISA试剂盒)+) signaling occurred upstream of the MEKK1-MKK2 (显示 MAP2K2 ELISA试剂盒) pathway. MEKK1 was phosphorylated by calcium/calmodulin (显示 CALM ELISA试剂盒)-regulated receptor-like kinase (CRLK1), which suggested that CRLK1 is one of candidates located upstream of MEKK1.

  4. MEKK1 plays a key role in transducing the l-Glu (显示 DCTN1 ELISA试剂盒) signal that elicits large-scale changes in root architecture, and provide genetic evidence for the existence in plants of an external glutamate (显示 GRIN2A ELISA试剂盒) (l-Glu (显示 DCTN1 ELISA试剂盒)) signalling pathway analogous to that found in animals.

  5. Data indicate that MEKK2 (显示 MAP3K2 ELISA试剂盒) is required for the mekk1, mkk1 (显示 MAP2K1 ELISA试剂盒) mkk2 (显示 MAP2K2 ELISA试剂盒), and mpk4 (显示 MAPK4 ELISA试剂盒) autoimmune phenotypes.

  6. Data suggest that the MEKK1-MKK1 (显示 MAP2K1 ELISA试剂盒)/MKK2 (显示 MAP2K2 ELISA试剂盒)-MPK4 (显示 MAPK4 ELISA试剂盒) kinase cascade negatively regulates MEKK2 (显示 MAP3K2 ELISA试剂盒) and activation of MEKK2 (显示 MAP3K2 ELISA试剂盒) triggers SUMM2-mediated immune responses.

  7. CRLK1 interacts with MEKK1 in vitro and in planta during cold treatment.

  8. An analysis of the interation of MEKK1 and MEK1 (显示 MAP2K1 ELISA试剂盒) in response to wounding stress in A. thaliana seedlings is presented.

  9. MEKK1 is essential for activation of MPK4 and negatively regulates temperature-sensitive and tissue-specific cell death and H(2)O(2) accumulation that are dependent on both RAR1 (resistance protein function) and SID2 (isochorismate synthase)

  10. This study demonstrated that analysis of plants carrying T-DNA knockout alleles indicated that MEKK1 is required for flg22-induced activation of MPK4 (显示 MAPK4 ELISA试剂盒).

Human Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Kinase Kinase 1 (MAP3K1) interaction partners

  1. SNP variants at the MAP3K1/SETD9 gene boundary associate with somatic PIK3CA (显示 PIK3CA ELISA试剂盒) variants in breast cancers.

  2. CSN6 (显示 COPS6 ELISA试剂盒) positively regulates c-Jun (显示 JUN ELISA试剂盒) in a MEKK1-dependent manner

  3. Mekk1 mediates p53 protein stability in the presence of Mdm2 and reduces p53 ubiquitination, suggesting an interference with Mdm2-mediated degradation of p53 by the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway.

  4. BAALC (显示 BAALC ELISA试剂盒) conferred chemoresistance in acute myeloid leukemia (显示 BCL11A ELISA试剂盒) cells by upregulating ATP-binding cassette proteins in an ERK (显示 EPHB2 ELISA试剂盒)-dependent manner, which can be therapeutically targeted by MEK (显示 MAP2K1 ELISA试剂盒) inhibitor

  5. MiR (显示 MLXIP ELISA试剂盒)-451 inhibited the proliferation of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cells by targeting CDKN2D (显示 CDKN2D ELISA试剂盒) and MAP3K1 expression.

  6. There were 3 specimens with mutations in MAP3K1 (MEKK1), including two truncation mutants, T779fs and T1481fs; T1481fs encoded an unstable and nonfunctional protein when expressed in vitro.

  7. Single nucleotide polymorphisms in ALDOB (显示 ALDOB ELISA试剂盒), MAP3K1, and MEF2C (显示 MEF2C ELISA试剂盒) are associated with cataract.

  8. Results demonstrate that MAP3K1 rs889312 is closely correlated with outcome among diffuse-type gastric cancer in a Chinese population.

  9. We propose that the cancer risk alleles act to increase MAP3K1 expression in vivo and might promote breast cancer cell survival.

  10. The present meta-analysis suggests that MAPKKK1 rs889312-C allele and rs16886165-G allele might be risk factors for breast cancer, especially in Europeans and Asians.

MAP3K1 抗原简介

Antigen Summary

The protein encoded by this gene is a serine/threonine kinase and is part of some signal transduction cascades, including the ERK and JNK kinase pathways as well as the NF-kappa-B pathway. The encoded protein is activated by autophosphorylation and requires magnesium as a cofactor in phosphorylating other proteins. This protein has E3 ligase activity conferred by a plant homeodomain (PHD) in its N-terminus and phospho-kinase activity conferred by a kinase domain in its C-terminus.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with MAP3K1

  • mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase 1 (MAP3K1) Elisa Kit
  • similar to MEK kinase 1 (MAP3K1) Elisa Kit
  • mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase 1 (map3k1) Elisa Kit
  • mitogen activated protein kinase kinase kinase 1 (Map3k1) Elisa Kit
  • mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase 1 (Map3k1) Elisa Kit
  • mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase 1 (MEKK1) Elisa Kit
  • mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase 1, E3 ubiquitin protein ligase (MAP3K1) Elisa Kit
  • ARAKIN Elisa Kit
  • ATMEKK1 Elisa Kit
  • MAP3K1 Elisa Kit
  • MAPK/ERK kinase kinase 1 Elisa Kit
  • MAPKKK1 Elisa Kit
  • MAPKKK8 Elisa Kit
  • MEKK Elisa Kit
  • MEKK1 Elisa Kit
  • MEKK 1 Elisa Kit
  • SRXY6 Elisa Kit
  • T15F16.5 Elisa Kit
  • T15F16_5 Elisa Kit

Protein level used designations for MAP3K1

mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase 1 , MAPK/ERK kinase kinase 1 , MEK kinase 1 , MEKK 1 , mitogen activated protein kinase kinase kinase 1 , MAP/ERK kinase kinase 1

396617 Sus scrofa
427144 Gallus gallus
471543 Pan troglodytes
478061 Canis lupus familiaris
710979 Macaca mulatta
100061688 Equus caballus
100137396 Papio anubis
100466442 Ailuropoda melanoleuca
100490504 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
100550623 Meleagris gallopavo
100561745 Anolis carolinensis
116667 Rattus norvegicus
26401 Mus musculus
523962 Bos taurus
826409 Arabidopsis thaliana
4214 Homo sapiens
100328655 Oryctolagus cuniculus
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