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AMCF-I, CXCL8, cxcli2, EMF-1, GCP-1, GCP1, IL-8, Il8, interleukin-8, K60, LECT, LUCT, lungkine, LYNAP, MDNCF, MONAP, NAF, NAP-1, NAP1, Scyb15, si:dkey-151b16.2, weche

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  1. Human Interleukin 8 ELISA Kit for Sandwich ELISA - ABIN414887 : Sun, Wang, Yu, Hu: Serial cytokine levels during wound healing in rabbit maxillary sinus mucosa. in Acta oto-laryngologica 2010 (PubMed)
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  2. Rabbit Interleukin 8 ELISA Kit for Sandwich ELISA - ABIN415998 : Miroshnikov, Reznikov, Kokhanov: [Comparative evaluation of the action of serum proteins on tissue regeneration]. in Biulleten' eksperimental'no? biologii i meditsiny 1987 (PubMed)
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  3. Cow (Bovine) Interleukin 8 ELISA Kit for Sandwich ELISA - ABIN414016 : Jiemtaweeboon, Shirasuna, Nitta, Kobayashi, Schuberth, Shimizu, Miyamoto: Evidence that polymorphonuclear neutrophils infiltrate into the developing corpus luteum and promote angiogenesis with interleukin-8 in the cow. in Reproductive biology and endocrinology : RB&E 2011 (PubMed)
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  4. Horse (Equine) Interleukin 8 ELISA Kit for Sandwich ELISA - ABIN416701 : Mariella, Castagnetti, Prosperi, Scagliarini, Peli: Cytokine levels in colostrum and in foals' serum pre- and post-suckling. in Veterinary immunology and immunopathology 2017 (PubMed)

  5. Chicken Interleukin 8 ELISA Kit for Sandwich ELISA - ABIN414110 : Liu, Qiu, Zhang, Dai, Qin, Hao, Liao, Cao: Infection of chicken bone marrow mononuclear cells with subgroup J avian leukosis virus inhibits dendritic cell differentiation and alters cytokine expression. in Infection, genetics and evolution : journal of molecular epidemiology and evolutionary genetics in infectious diseases 2016 (PubMed)

  6. Pig (Porcine) Interleukin 8 ELISA Kit for Sandwich ELISA - ABIN625189 : Galindo, Ayllón, Smrdel, Boadella, Beltrán-Beck, Mazariegos, García, de la Lastra, Avsic-Zupanc, Kocan, Gortazar, de la Fuente: Gene expression profile suggests that pigs (Sus scrofa) are susceptible to Anaplasma phagocytophilum but control infection. in Parasites & vectors 2012 (PubMed)

  7. Guinea Pig Interleukin 8 ELISA Kit for Sandwich ELISA - ABIN456953 : Pera, Zuidhof, Smit, Menzen, Klein, Flik, Zaagsma, Meurs, Maarsingh: Arginase inhibition prevents inflammation and remodeling in a guinea pig model of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. in The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics 2014 (PubMed)

  8. Dog (Canine) Interleukin 8 ELISA Kit for Sandwich ELISA - ABIN414183 : Schwarz, Mihatovic, Golubovic, Eick, Iglhaut, Becker: Experimental peri-implant mucositis at different implant surfaces. in Journal of clinical periodontology 2014 (PubMed)

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Zebrafish Interleukin 8 (IL8) interaction partners

  1. Targeted expression of the human oncogene (显示 RAB1A ELISA试剂盒) KRASG12V in zebrafish gills induces inflammation and cxcl8-l1 expression.

  2. Data show that both Cxcl8-l1 and Cxcl8-l2 are required for larva survival upon Salmonella Typhimurium infection.

  3. results explain how early H2O2 signal regulates neutrophil recruitment at all phases, directly via Lyn (显示 LYN ELISA试剂盒) oxidation or indirectly by modulating cxcl8 gene expression

  4. The data identify HOXC9 (显示 HOXC9 ELISA试剂盒) as an endothelial cell active transcriptional repressor promoting the resting, antiangiogenic endothelial cell phenotype in an interleukin 8-dependent manner

  5. Here, we report the characterisation of genes encoding the zebrafish Cxcl8, Cxcr1 (显示 CXCR1 ELISA试剂盒) and Cxcr2 (显示 CXCR2 ELISA试剂盒)

Mouse (Murine) Interleukin 8 (IL8) interaction partners

  1. this study shows that ponciretin may attenuate ethanol-induced gastritis via the regulation of IL-8 secretion

  2. Adh (显示 AVP ELISA试剂盒) binds to OR5M11 (显示 OR5M11 ELISA试剂盒), which enhances Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae pathogenicity by activating p38 (显示 CRK ELISA试剂盒) which induces apoptosis of PAMs and IL-8 release

  3. Findings suggest that IL8-dependent osteoclast activation may constitute an early event in the initiation of the joint specific inflammation in anti-citrullinated protein-positive rheumatoid arthritis.

  4. Data suggest that CXCL1 (显示 CXCL1 ELISA试剂盒)/IL-8, released from osteoclasts in an autoantibody-dependent manner, produces pain by activating sensory neurons.

  5. IL-8 signaling is up-regulated in alcoholic hepatitis.

  6. expressions of IL-1beta (显示 IL1B ELISA试剂盒) and IL-8 in the brain increased after ApoE (显示 APOE ELISA试剂盒) knockout in mice

  7. CYLD (显示 CYLD ELISA试剂盒) negatively regulates nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae-induced IL-8 expression via MKP-1 (显示 DUSP1 ELISA试剂盒)-dependent inhibition of ERK (显示 EPHB2 ELISA试剂盒).

  8. Taken together, these results indicate that CD147 promotes lung cancer-induced osteoclastogenesis by modulating IL-8 secretion, and suggest that CD147 is a potential therapeutic target for cancer-associated bone resorption in lung cancer patients.

  9. these data outline a novel role for the P2Y6 receptor (显示 P2RY6 ELISA试剂盒) in the induction of CXCL8/IL-8 production and barrier dysfunction in response to C. difficile toxin exposure and may provide a new therapeutic target for the treatment of CDI.

  10. these data suggest that IL-8 plays an important role in breast cancer osteolysis

Human Interleukin 8 (IL8) interaction partners

  1. IL-6 (显示 IL6 ELISA试剂盒), IL-8 and TNF-alpha (显示 TNF ELISA试剂盒) levels correlated with clinical disease stage.

  2. High levels of IL-6 (显示 IL6 ELISA试剂盒) and IL-8 were observed in children with aplastic anemia. Increased levels showed correlation with disease severity; however, levels had no significant correlation with the treatment outcome.

  3. Results indicate overexpressed HMGB1 (显示 HMGB1 ELISA试剂盒) contributes to gastric tumor angiogenesis through IL-8 mediation.

  4. Interleukin-1alpha induces release of interleukin-8 by human bronchial epithelial cells

  5. miR (显示 MLXIP ELISA试剂盒)-146a, miR (显示 MLXIP ELISA试剂盒)-146b, and miR (显示 MLXIP ELISA试剂盒)-155 are exerting anti-inflammatory properties by down-regulating IL-6 (显示 IL6 ELISA试剂盒) and IL-8, and influencing the expression of HSP10 (显示 HSPE1 ELISA试剂盒) in the activated endothelium

  6. These data suggest that, without infection, inactivated-H5N1 induces mRNA expression of IL-6 (显示 IL6 ELISA试剂盒) and CXCL8 by a mechanism, or mechanisms, requiring interaction between viral hemagglutinin (显示 HA ELISA试剂盒) and alpha-2,3 sialic acid receptors at the cell membrane of host cells, and involves activation of P2Y6 (显示 P2RY6 ELISA试剂盒) purinergic receptors.

  7. higher CXCL8 mRNA levels in breast cancer tissues together with estrogen receptor (显示 ESR1 ELISA试剂盒) negativity was associated with significantly shorter overall survival.

  8. This study describe elevated levels of IL8 and it receptor in the Solid Component and Cyst Fluid of Human Adamantinomatous Craniopharyngioma, relative to other pediatric brain tumors and normal cerebral tissue.

  9. results suggest that Mxi1 (显示 MXI1 ELISA试剂盒)-0 regulates the growth of HUVECs via the IL-8 and ERK1/2 (显示 MAPK1/3 ELISA试剂盒) pathways, which apparently reciprocally activate each other

  10. A. baumannii-activated neutrophils showed increased IL-8 production. The transport of A. baumannii was suppressed by inhibiting neutrophil infiltration by blocking the effect of IL-8. A. baumannii appears to use neutrophils for transport by activating these cells via IL-8.

Cow (Bovine) Interleukin 8 (IL8) interaction partners

  1. As a pilot study, the present results revealed that identified SNPs in IL8 and TLR4 (显示 TLR4 ELISA试剂盒) genes can be used as a genetic marker and predisposing factor for resistance/susceptibility to digital dermatitis in dairy cows. However, TLR4 (显示 TLR4 ELISA试剂盒) gene may be a potential candidate for such disease.

  2. Blood levels of cortisol, immunoglobulin G, and IL-8 in relationship to genetics and the incidence of bovine respiratory complex disease are reported.

  3. Genetic variation at the IL8 locus explains a proportion of the inter-breed and inter-individual variation in immunity between neonatal calves which is likely to influence their resistance to infection.

  4. In response to C. abortus infection, both ovine and bovine turbinate cells produce CXCL8 mRNA and protein late in the bacterial developmental cycle.

  5. Studied association of IL8 -105G/A with mastitis somatic cell score in Chinese Holstein dairy cows. Results suggest genotype GG may be a useful genetic marker for mastitis resistance selection and breeding in Chinese Holstein dairy cows.

  6. Data implicate a complex cascade of events during luteolysis, involving Il8 signaling, neutrophil recruitment, and immune cell action within the corpus luteum.

  7. Cadmium exposure induced pulmonary inflammation and increased lung interleukin 8 secretion.

  8. Exposure to follicular fluid transiently increased the transcript levels of IL8 and PTGS2 (显示 PTGS2 ELISA试剂盒), and decreased the expression of SOD2 (显示 SOD2 ELISA试剂盒), GPX3 (显示 GPX3 ELISA试剂盒), DAB2 (显示 DAB2 ELISA试剂盒), and NR3C1 (显示 NR3C1 ELISA试剂盒). TNF (显示 TNF ELISA试剂盒) and IL6 (显示 IL6 ELISA试剂盒) levels were also decreased while those of NAMPT (显示 NAMPT ELISA试剂盒) were unaffected.

  9. study demonstrates that a small experimental rodent model can be utilized for non-invasively monitoring, through a reporter gene system, the activation of an IL-8 promoter region derived from a larger size animal (bovine)

  10. Finding of genetic variation in the IL8 promoter that differentially regulates its expression has significant functional implications for IL8 expression in vitro and which may impact on susceptibility to infectious disease and inflammation.

Pig (Porcine) Interleukin 8 (IL8) interaction partners

  1. The JNK (显示 MAPK8 ELISA试剂盒)-activated AP-1 (显示 JUN ELISA试剂盒) subunit c-Jun (显示 JUN ELISA试剂盒) was critical for the up-regulation of IL-8 expression by PRRSV

  2. These results suggest that porcine circovirus 2 induces IL-8 secretion via the TLR2 (显示 TLR2 ELISA试剂盒)/MyD88 (显示 MYD88 ELISA试剂盒)/NF-kappaB (显示 NFKB1 ELISA试剂盒) signalling pathway.

  3. Facilitated degradation of the RGS16 (显示 RGS16 ELISA试剂盒) by porcine circovirus type 2 ORF3 (显示 ASZ1 ELISA试剂盒) further enhances NFkappaB translocation into the nucleus through the ERK1/2 (显示 MAPK1/3 ELISA试剂盒) signalling pathway and increased IL-6 (显示 IL6 ELISA试剂盒) and IL-8 mRNA transcripts.

  4. Suggest that the interplay between TGFbeta (显示 TGFB1 ELISA试剂盒)-2 and LPS (显示 IRF6 ELISA试剂盒) regulates the levels of IL-8 in the immature newborn intestine.

  5. Data suggest that MSK1 (显示 RPS6KA5 ELISA试剂盒) and MSK2 are the major CREB (显示 CREB1 ELISA试剂盒) kinases in fibroblast-like synoviocytes from rheumatoid arthritis patients stimulated with lysophosphatidic acid and that phosphorylation of CREB1 (显示 CREB1 ELISA试剂盒) at Ser (显示 SIGLEC1 ELISA试剂盒)-133 plays a significant role in IL-8 production.

  6. Study presents evidence demonstrating a single species of exotoxin ApxI, derived from A. pleuropneumoniae serotype 10, induces the expression and production of proinflammatory cytokines IL-1beta (显示 IL1B ELISA试剂盒), IL-8 and TNF-alpha (显示 TNF ELISA试剂盒) in porcine alveolar macrophages.

  7. local expression of IL-1beta (显示 IL1B ELISA试剂盒) and IL-8 in non-bacterial thrombotic endocarditis, Staphylococcus aureus infective endocarditis, animals with S. aureus sepsis without endocarditis and controls

  8. In swine, IL-8, TNF-ALPHA (显示 TNF ELISA试剂盒), INOS (显示 NOS2 ELISA试剂盒) AND MIP-1BETA (显示 CCL4 ELISA试剂盒) were increased during mechanical ventilation in a time-related fashion.

  9. Classical swine fever virus NS2 protein promotes interleukin-8 expression.

  10. Developmental changes in IL-8 isoforms may serve to minimize its inflammatory effects in the fetus and also provide a mechanism to restore its full activity after birth

Rabbit Interleukin 8 (IL8) interaction partners

  1. At the 2-wk time point, interleukin 8 gene expression was comparable in intervertebral discs injected with chondrocytes in controls, whereas its expression in IVDs injected with saline increased 50-fold

  2. Data show that the serum levels of mast cell tryptase, monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1 (显示 CCL2 ELISA试剂盒)) and interleukin-8 (IL-8) decreased significantly in Dachengqi decoction treatment group.

  3. The JNK (显示 MAPK8 ELISA试剂盒) pathway plays an important role in mechanical ventilation-stimulated TNF-alpha (显示 TNF ELISA试剂盒) expression in alveolar macrophages, but the injury-stimulated IL-8 expression may be regulated by other signaling pathways.

  4. IL-8 and IL-1ra (显示 IL1RN ELISA试剂盒) showed correlation with the severity of colitis. These observations should significantly further understandings on the role of neutrophils and monocytes in the immunopathogenesis of ulcerative colitis

Horse (Equine) Interleukin 8 (IL8) interaction partners

  1. Results suggested that chemokine (显示 CCL1 ELISA试剂盒) expression by cultured equine BECs following exposure to pulmonary hemorrhage conditions may contribute to the development of inflammatory airway disease in horses.

  2. Mapped six genes (EIF4G3, HSP90 (显示 HSP90AB1 ELISA试剂盒), RBBP6 (显示 RBBP6 ELISA试剂盒), IL8, TERT (显示 TERT ELISA试剂盒), and TERC) on the chromosomes of Equus caballus, Equus asinus, Equus grevyi, and Equus burchelli by fluorescence in situ hybridization.

  3. This study examined effects of in vitro exposure to solutions of hay (显示 GTF2H5 ELISA试剂盒) dust, lipopolysaccharides, or beta-glucan on cytokine expression in pulmonary mononuclear cells isolated from healthy horses and horses with recurrent airway obstruction.

  4. These results suggest that MMP-1 (显示 MMP1 ELISA试剂盒) and IL-8 are both involved in the exercise-induced stress response, and this represents a starting point from which to understand the adaptive responses to this phenomenon.

Rhesus Monkey Interleukin 8 (IL8) interaction partners

  1. Stress decreased IL-8 gene expression in both CeA (显示 CEACAM3 ELISA试剂盒) lesioned and non-lesioned animals. But, CeA (显示 CEACAM3 ELISA试剂盒) lesions increased the tissue expression of IL-8 mRNA prior to and after stress exposure.

Duck Interleukin 8 (IL8) interaction partners

  1. Duck IL-8 is good immunostimulant to enhance the immune efficiency of avian influenza vaccine in ducks.

Interleukin 8 (IL8) 抗原简介

Antigen Summary

The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the CXC chemokine family. This chemokine is one of the major mediators of the inflammatory response. This chemokine is secreted by several cell types. It functions as a chemoattractant, and is also a potent angiogenic factor. This gene is believed to play a role in the pathogenesis of bronchiolitis, a common respiratory tract disease caused by viral infection. This gene and other ten members of the CXC chemokine gene family form a chemokine gene cluster in a region mapped to chromosome 4q.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Interleukin 8 (IL8)

  • interleukin 8-like 1 (IL8L1) Elisa Kit
  • interleukin 8 (il8) Elisa Kit
  • interleukin 8 (IL8) Elisa Kit
  • chemokine (C-X-C motif) ligand 1-like (LOC422654) Elisa Kit
  • chemokine (C-X-C motif) ligand 15 (Cxcl15) Elisa Kit
  • interleukin 8 (Il8) Elisa Kit
  • interleukin 8-like 2 (IL8L2) Elisa Kit
  • interleukin-8-like (IL*08-02) Elisa Kit
  • AMCF-I Elisa Kit
  • CXCL8 Elisa Kit
  • cxcli2 Elisa Kit
  • EMF-1 Elisa Kit
  • GCP-1 Elisa Kit
  • GCP1 Elisa Kit
  • IL-8 Elisa Kit
  • Il8 Elisa Kit
  • interleukin-8 Elisa Kit
  • K60 Elisa Kit
  • LECT Elisa Kit
  • LUCT Elisa Kit
  • lungkine Elisa Kit
  • LYNAP Elisa Kit
  • MDNCF Elisa Kit
  • MONAP Elisa Kit
  • NAF Elisa Kit
  • NAP-1 Elisa Kit
  • NAP1 Elisa Kit
  • Scyb15 Elisa Kit
  • si:dkey-151b16.2 Elisa Kit
  • weche Elisa Kit

Protein level used designations for Interleukin 8 (IL8) ELISA试剂盒

CXC chemokine K60 , interleukin 8 , interleukin-8 , cxcl-chr1b , cxcl8 , IL-8 , C-X-C motif chemokine 15 , small inducible cytokine subfamily B, member 15 , small-inducible cytokine B15 , T-cell chemotactic factor , alveolar macrophage chemotactic factor I , beta endothelial cell-derived neutrophil activating peptide , beta-thromboglobulin-like protein , chemokine (C-X-C motif) ligand 8 , emoctakin , granulocyte chemotactic protein 1 , lung giant cell carcinoma-derived chemotactic protein , lymphocyte derived neutrophil activating peptide , monocyte-derived neutrophil chemotactic factor , monocyte-derived neutrophil-activating peptide , neutrophil-activating peptide 1 , small inducible cytokine subfamily B, member 8 , tumor necrosis factor-induced gene 1 , C-X-C motif chemokine 8 , neutrophil activating peptide 1 , alveolar macrophage-derived chemotactic factor-I , NAP-1 , PF1 , RPF1 , neutrophil attractant/activation protein 1 , neutrophil attractant/activation protein-1 , permeability factor 1 , Interleukin-8-like protein , Neutrophil attractant protein 1 , neutrophil attractant protein-1 , interlukin-8 , 9E3 , CEF-4 , CEF-4/9E3 cytokine , RSV-induced protein , embryo fibroblast protein 1 , putatitve interleukin-8 , transformation-induced protein , Anpl-IL*08-03

395872 Gallus gallus
445923 Takifugu rubripes
471205 Pan troglodytes
100002946 Danio rerio
100034742 Meleagris gallopavo
100381196 Papio anubis
422654 Gallus gallus
20309 Mus musculus
3576 Homo sapiens
280828 Bos taurus
443418 Ovis aries
396880 Sus scrofa
403850 Canis lupus familiaris
100009129 Oryctolagus cuniculus
100037400 Equus caballus
100379599 Cavia porcellus
493836 Felis catus
613028 Macaca mulatta
101441641 Dasypus novemcinctus
101331085 Tursiops truncatus
396495 Gallus gallus
101804010 Anas platyrhynchos
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