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CellExpand Suspension Expansion Culture Reagent

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Cellular Assay (CA)
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原理 Suspension Expansion Culture™ (SEC™) Reagents for Lympho-Hematopoietic Cells
品牌 CellExpand

Suspension Expansion Culture (SEC)

Cell types: Any

Growth factor: None

Assay readout: Any readout to detect cell types present


Assay format:

Number of samples: Depends on culture format


Benefits of using CellExpand™ Reagents
- Available low serum or serum-free (human and primate only) formulations.
- Used in all HALO®, HemoFLUOR™ and HemoLIGHT™ Assay Kits.
- Available for 6 stem cell populations and 7 progenitor cell populations.
- Setup as many replicates as necessary.
- Allows easy, rapid and accurate dispensing using normal pipettes or liquid handlers.
- CellExpansion™ Master Mixes allow for cell interactions thereby providing: (1) Shorter lag time to initiate proliferation; (2) More rapid culture completion; (3) Greater sensitivity.

实验流程 Uses of CellExpand™
- Expansion of stem and progenitor lympho-hematopoietic cells in suspension cultures.
- Used for 96-well, 24-well, 12-well or 6-well plate suspension cultures or in large culture flask volumes.
- Allows easy and rapid high-content screening for both proliferation and differentiation processes.
- High throughput flow cytometry.
- Cell signaling studies.
- DNA, RNA analysis and other molecular biology methods.
- Mechanism of Action (MOA) studies.
- Evaluate the effects of drugs, xeonbiotics or other agents on the differentiation/maturation process.
- Gene transfection and targeting studies.
限制 仅限研究用
状态 Liquid
缓冲液 Serum-Free