Protein Block

ABIN1689361 产品详细信息, 供应商: Log in to see
Chemiluminescence Blot (CB), Immunohistochemistry (IHC), ELISA
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产品特性 Protein Block has been developed for use in immunohistochemistry (IHC) for the reduction of nonspecific background staining while simultaneously reducing the handling of animal serums in the laboratory. The need to match species with the secondary antibody is eliminated due to the lack of normal serum in this product.
实验流程 1. Incubate tissue section for 10 minutes at room temperature prior to application of the primary antibody.
2. After incubation, rinse once in buffer.
限制 仅限研究用
状态 Liquid
缓冲液 PBS solution, pH 7.6, with 0.5% BSA, 0.5% casein and less than 0.1% sodium azide
储存液 Sodium azide
注意事项 1. Take reasonable precautions when handling reagents. Wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.
2. Avoid contact of reagents with eyes, mucous membranes and skin. If reagents come into contact with sensitive areas, wash with copious amounts of water.
3. Consult local or state authorities with regard to recommended method of disposal.
4. Avoid microbial contamination of reagents.
注意事项 Do not freeze.
储存条件 4 °C
储存方法 The user must validate any other storage conditions. This reagent must be returned to the storage conditions identified above immediately after use. When properly stored, the reagent is stable to the date indicated on the label. Do not use the reagent beyond the expiration date.